Flexitanks for Safe Liquid Storage & Transportation – ANC Distribution

Posted by ANC Distribution Australia Pty Ltd on May 04, 2021

Flexitanks for Safe Liquid Storage & Transportation – ANC Distribution

Every year, hundreds of millions of litres of edible and industrial liquids are transported locally and abroad in shipping containers.
Whilst sometimes these goods are moved as pre-packaged products in end consumer bottles and cartons, much of what is sent is loaded into intermediate and bulk packaging. Some of these bulk packaging include Intermediate Bulk Containers (known as IBC’s), drums and flexitanks.


When transporting your precious liquid goods, the idea is to save on your bottom line.Therefore, loading more of your product into each shipping container means attributing less cost per litre to logistics. This offers the businesses who ship their goods via this method an advantage in the market.

By reducing labour costs and other operational hidden costs during loading procedures is also another advantage that can play a large role in gaining that all important competitive edge.

Depending on your cargo and destination, flexitanks give you the ability to load up to 27,000 litres of your product into a 20’ dry box and 22,000 litres into a single 20’ Reefer. In the past, we have seen customers increase the payload of each of their shipments by up to 40% by making the move to flexitanks. This is definitely the smarter choice when making decisions on freight financial outgoings.In more recent times, equipment shortages have seen some companies move away from using expensive ISO Tank Containers toward using flexitanks in conventional containers. Removing the need to have hardware returned for reuse has afforded these organisations greater flexibility and higher levels of protection against the current backlog of equipment provision by shipping lines.
It also offers the customer peace of mind, knowing their flexitank is brand new, not tainted with a previous users goods. Your container, whether it be flexitank, IBC or drums, will be sterile, perfectly intact and available once purchased.

On top of the ability to load more, flexitanks have the added benefit of reducing the time and effort to dispatch a container. Fitting a flexitank takes only minutes and pumping product directly into a container reduces loading times down to as little as 30 minutes per tank. The same applies at the point of discharge. Incredibly, the use of forklifts and other lifting equipment at both ends of transportation can be eliminated. The number of personnel required to undertake operations is also reduced and their safety is less at risk. The entire freight method is safe, cost effective and simple.

  • To be eligible for loading, cargo must be considered a non-dangerous good for transport.
  • Any non-edible products (e.g. chemicals and lubricants) must be compatible with the materials in which the bags are constructed from – polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Sites at both ends of the logistic supply chain must have the facility to handle full container loads of goods and the capacity to store/transfer the liquid in bulk before and after transit.

If you are in the business of handling bulk liquids and would like to consider the change to using flexitanks, ANC Distribution are the distributors of the LiquA range of E-Flex (dry box) and R-Flex (reefer) flexitanks in both Australia and New Zealand.

E-Flex - Cost-effective / safe / efficient                           R-Flex 20ft - Temperature controlled 


H-Flex steam liner is the fastest heating flexitank system on the market. Our flexitanks offer a unique integrated bulkhead design. There is absolutely no heavy barrier to set up at the doors of the container. Each product includes wave-breaking technology that protects shipping containers from damage and keeps your precious cargo stable during transit. All of our flexitanks are food-grade safe and have EVOH (oxygen barrier) and aseptic options available if you are transporting a particular delicate cargo. For solidifying products that require heating during loading and unloading operations, our optional H-Flex steam liner system provides the fastest reheating option available. The H-Flex steam liner is remarkable in its ease of use. With our state of the art heating system, the loading and unloading processes are sped up 20 times compared to any other flexitank.

Even the hardest cargo types would not take more than a day to melt down with H-Flex Steam Liner.
It is also the highest capacity flexitank on the market. The 27,000 litre capacity allows for about 12% savings on overall freight costs thanks to the increased payload size. You can load palm oils, stearin, olein, fish oil and used cooking oil, making use of our high capacity flexitank.

H-Flex - Fastest Integrated Heating System


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