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What type of slimline tank best suits your needs? Ask ANC Distribution.

Posted by ANC Distribution Australia Pty Ltd on Jun 08, 2021

What type of slimline tank best suits your needs? Ask ANC Distribution.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of materials
slimline tanks can be made from:

1. Polyethylene (Poly) / Plastic
2. Corrugated Steel

Either option is great at doing the job of storing water in areas where space is limited
– often allowing storage on smaller properties where a round tank just won’t fit.

You can expect a poly tank to be the least expensive option. The lower price comes with one main limitation – size. Because poly tanks are made with a mould, most manufacturers will only have around 5 or 6 different slimline tanks available. Capacities will generally start at around 1000 litres and have a maximum storage volume of 5000 litres. This means that there are specific site requirements that must be met, this can be problematic if your available space is of an unusual size, or if you have a high window that you need to keep unobscured.

Aesthetically, slimline poly tanks tend to have very visible cylindrical design features built in. These are necessary to allow water to be stored in a long, thin, tall container that has no internal support structure. If well hidden, in a non-trafficable area or placed near other utility equipment the way the tank looks may not be a concern. To help hide your tank, most poly products are available in a large range of colours to help them blend into their surrounds.

Corrugated steel slimline tanks have a highly customisable sizing table that allows you to alter the height, length and width to meet the specific requirements of your site. With capacities ranging from as low as 350 litres and up to over 7000 litres, there are thousands of possible configurations for your tank. Often, this makes fitting a tank in an unusual space possible – including having a low tank to fit under a window or wall-mounted air conditioning unit. On the other hand, the ability to make the tank as tall as possible, allows you to maximise your storage.

If your tank needs to be installed in a location that is highly visible, many people find that corrugated steel in a colour that matches the surrounds looks much better than the poly alternatives. The internally supported design of a steel tank means that long flat sides are possible, providing a much more pleasing aesthetic.

The relatively high cost of steel and the labour involved in producing these tanks makes them more expensive than the plastic alternatives. When buying customised products ‘off the shelf’ is also not an option – be prepared to wait for your tank to be manufactured, the lead time can be up to several weeks. If aesthetics are important and budget is available, most customers lean towards a corrugated steel option.

If you are really stuck and neither a poly or corrugated steel tank will fit at your premises due to access issues, there is a third option available – a Modular Steel Slimline Tank.

Delivered flat-packed in component parts, modular tanks are constructed on site and can be carried through standard doorways and other access points - they have even been installed inside rooms that only have manhole access. Available in a range of modular sizes, they are a great option when there are no other options!

When installing a modular tank, the highly engineered external frame is bolted together, corrugated steel panels are slid into the frame and a lining system is hung inside to provide a waterproof barrier. If the tank is in a highly trafficable, or entertaining area, it is possible to dress the tank in any number of standard cladding options.

All of this comes at a cost – modular systems are the most expensive option on the market. But, sometimes when access and/or aesthetics are the most important factors involved – the extra spend allows clients to have a great outcome.

To help you make some important decisions, here is a summary of available SLIMLINE options:

Poly Slimline Tanks

  • Cheapest option
  • Good colour options
  • Very limited sizing options
  • Good for beach or salty environments
  • Best suited to applications where size and aesthetics are less important

Corrugated Steel Slimline Tanks

  • More expensive
  • Good colour options
  • Huge range of customisable sizes
  • Wait time for delivery
  • Made to fit your particular site

Modular Steel Slimline Tanks

  • Most expensive
  • Good colour options – cladding also possible
  • Good range of sizes
  • Best for difficult to access sites or areas where aesthetics are a top priority

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