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Drain Cleaning

Our line of Spartan Tool drain jetters and nozzles are designed to blast away any scum and dirt that’s been caked on and built up in the area. These drain cleaning machines release a powerful stream of liquid that knocks away all types of debris, leaving behind a cleaner and more presentable surface. Some of the drain cleaner tools are offered on their own or as part of a packaged deal that includes different nozzles and other accessories to improve the performance of the sewer jetter.

Blade & Blade Holders

If you’re looking for the right blade to attach to your Spartan Tool Sewer Jetter, then you’ve come to the right place. ANC Distribution carries a wide and varied range of different styled Blades and Blade Holders to give your Sewer Jetters the kind of bite they need to cut through some of the toughest materials that are blocking your drainpipes. From durable U Blades that can easily cut through general clogs in 50mm – 152mm pipes to Saw Blades that shred through root intrusions in 76mm – 152mm pipes to Grease Blades that scoop up and clear away grease build-up in 76mm – 152mm pipes, we have just the kind of drain cleaner tools you need to quickly and efficiently clear up any blockages within your pipes.

Blade & Blade Holders
Sewer Jetters

Keeping your workspace clean is always a good habit, and it's essential in this type of industry. What better way to clean through tough scum and dirt than a high-speed blast of water from one of these reliable drain jetters? Our supply of Spartan Tool Sewer Jetters can help speed up the cleaning process with a spray of liquid at such a degree of force that not even a single trace of dirt or any other unwanted material is left behind. These drain cleaning machines are incredibly easy to use and are even easier to transport, and they're built with the robust durability needed to last a long time.

Sewer Jetters
Sewer Jetter Cable Ends & Accessories

ANC Distribution carries all of the Cable Ends and Accessories you need to completely outfit your Spartan Tool Sewer Jetter so that it can continue to operate at maximum strength and performance. No matter how tiny the nuts and bolts are, we know just how important they can be to the overall structure and operating capabilities of these powerful drain cleaning machines. We carry Female Couplings, Male Couplings, Splicers, Double Males, Long Male Couplings, and Expansion Pins for Sewer Jetters that have 15mm, 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm cables. In addition, we also carry a variety of accessories to improve your ability to get the job done effectively, such as handy attachments that allow you to retrieve cloths and other objects that may have fallen into the drain pipe.

Sewer Jetter Cable Ends & Accessories
Sewer Jetter Nozzles

ANC Distribution can supply you with such a wide range of different sizes and types of nozzles that you'll have an arsenal full of the right tools to make your cleaning job a whole lot easier. All of these nozzles are designed to maximize your jetter's performance, allowing you take full control over the strength and pulsation of the hose's stream.

Sewer Jetter Nozzles
  • Spartan

    Spartan 50mm U-Blade - 02799000

    Spartan 02799000 50mm U-Blade The shape and the effective sharpness of the Spartan 50mm U-Blade is exactly what you need to take out nearly any kind of blockages that stand in your way. It's tough enough to easily hack through and rip apart tree roots...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 101mm Single Blade - 02791800

    Spartan 02791800 101mm Single Blade With the unrelenting sharpness of the Spartan 101mm Single Blade in hand, you'll be able to quickly and efficiently take care of whatever hard and tough blockages stand in your way. This blade is designed for...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 76mm Single Blade - 02791700

    Spartan 02791700 76mm Single Blade Stubborn roots, tough hairs, and other types of annoying blockages are no match against the sharpness of the Spartan 76mm Single Blade. Built with durability in mind, this blade can easily attach to the end of your...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 101mm Half Blade - 02790901

    Spartan 02790901 101mm Half Blade The Spartan 101mm Half Blade may look similar to double edged pear blades, but it only has one side that can be used for easier drain opening. Its sharp and durable teeth can effectively saw through some of the tougher...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 101mm U-Blade - 02790900

    *GST Inclusive
    $2.13 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 02790900 101mm U-Blade Clear out the nasty, tough clogs that don't seem to ever go away with the help of the Spartan 101mm U-Blade. This efficient sharp blade can easily attach to your cables to cut down annoying tree roots and other types of...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 76mm Half Blade - 02786601

    *GST Inclusive
    $1.72 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 02786601 76mm Half Blade If you can't break your way into the drain due to stubborn tree roots or other types of harder blockages, then we recommend you start with the Spartan 76mm Half Blade. This incredibly sharp tool can easily connect with...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 76mm U-Blade - 02786600

    *GST Inclusive
    $1.61 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 02786600 76mm U-Blade The Spartan 76mm U-Blade is built for durability and is sharp enough to effectively cut through the more stubborn clogs that are causing backups in your drainpipes. Once attached to the cable, it can be used with a sawing...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Warthog Nozzle 9mm Hose - 79922934

    Spartan 79922934 Warthog Nozzle - 9mm Hose With the powerful capabilities of the Spartan Warthog Nozzle - 9mm Hose, you'll be able to kiss those blockages goodbye as this nozzle blasts away anything in its path. Able to deliver 2000 PSI to 5000 PSI of...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Warthog Nozzle 6mm Hose - 79922932

    Spartan 79922932 Warthog Nozzle 6mm Hose The Spartan Warthog Nozzle 6mm Hose is exactly what you need when it comes to reliable strength. This nozzle is capable of delivering 2000 PSI to 5000 PSI at a flow rate of 3 GPM to 4 GPM with high speed rotation...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Rotating Nozzle - 758 & Soldier - 75700300

    Spartan 75700300 Rotating Nozzle - 758 & Soldier Whether you're dealing with dirt, debris, hair, mold, mildew, grease, or other types of stubborn and thick blockages, you can trust the Spartan Rotating Nozzle - 758 & Soldier to effectively clear...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Rocket Nozzle 9mm Hose - 73700100

    Spartan 73700100 Rocket Nozzle - 9mm Hose Get through some of the thickest and most stubborn blockages with the unrelenting pressure of the Spartan Rocket Nozzle - 9mm Hose. This nozzle delivers up to 3000 PSI of operating pressure at a flow rate of 12...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Rotating Nozzle 6mm Hose - 44250100

    Spartan 44250100 Rotating Nozzle - 6mm Hose You won't be able to start dislodging stubborn blockages in your sewer pipes and drainpipes unless you equip your sewer jetter with the Spartan Rotating Nozzle - 6mm Hose. This nozzle is engineered to deliver...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 758 & Soldier Closed Nozzle - 75800800

    *GST Inclusive
    $39.56 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 758 & Soldier Closed Nozzle Powerful streams are exactly what you get once you attach the Spartan 758 & Soldier Closed Nozzle directly onto your sewer jetters. With this strong nozzle attached, it's able to provide 3000 PSI of operating...

Spartan Tool Sewer Jetters and Nozzles

We carry the Cart Jetter, Soldier Jetter, Warrior Jetter, and the Trailer Mount Hydro Jetters. Each of these jetters are more than ready for the fight. Built for durability, the jetters can be used time and time again, offering high-performance cleaning whenever it’s needed. With the power of the Spartan jetters in hand, you’ll have a cleaner drain in no time.

In addition to the high-strength jetters, we also offer a number of different types of nozzles that can be interchanged between hoses in order to tackle different problems you may encounter while out on the job. The nozzles help direct the pattern and speed the liquid flows from the hose. These nozzles come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right one that can easily clean through the mess.

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