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REMS Aquila Work Bench - 120250

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REMS Aquila Work Bench - 120250

REMS Aquila Work Bench - 120250

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REMS Aquila Work Bench - 120250

With the high-quality robust chain pipe vice for fixing to a workbench, the REMS Aquila Work Bench is the ideal assistant to have in your workshop or at the building site. The sturdy, torsion-free die-cast structure of the base plate features an integrated chain pipe vice, pipe rest, and bender. The specially toothed double clamping jaws, which are prism-shaped and easily changeable, are for the safe clamping of the pipes in the whole working range of 10mm-165mm.

Especially suitable for pipe installation, you can get a lot done on the Aquila, such as cutting, thread cutting, bending, assembling, and much more. The clamping chain with strong, incredibly durable chain links, provides you with easy clamping by quick closure and a trapezoidal threaded spindle. The well accessible working range in front of the chain pipe vice allows for free swing of even the longer tools. The Aquila is designed for fixing to the workbench, so be sure to pay attention to the load capacity of the bench.

REMS Aquila Work Bench - RM120250 Quick Specs:

  • Materials: Torsion-Free Die-Cast Structure
  • Weight: 6.6000kg
  • Length: 325mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 200mm

REMS RM120250 Package Contents:

  • 1 x RM120250 REMS Aquila Work Bench
Torsion-Free Die-Cast Structure
1 Year Warranty – Conditions Apply

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