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Cargo Container Solutions

Looking to build your own container or looking for the right part to replace any missing or damaged components? Looking to outfit your container with high-quality top standard equipment and essentials that are engineered to enhance your security and storage capabilities? Then you've found exactly what you need in our Container Parts Category. Within this category, you'll discover all the nuts and bolts that go into building and maintaining a standard, durable, and secure shipping container. We include nearly every aspect and every angle, offering parts that are as large as the container walls or as small as the littlest screws. No job is too big or too small to play a significant role, and ANC Distribution makes sure that we supply you with the best components, both big and small.

Door Parts & Accessories

Incredibly easy to install onto your shipping container, these handy door parts are designed to help you construct a solid and durable opening to your container that grants you quick and easy access to the cargo that you have stored inside. From the nuts and bolts to the gaskets and handles, we carry exactly what you need to build the proper door for your dry box or reefer container. We have locking equipment and security seals for shipping containers, trucks, rail wagons, bonded stores, or general applications. We also have door gaskets that keep the container sealed up from the inside, preventing moisture from getting in.

Door Parts & Accessories
Container Accessories

Container vents, tarapaulin wire, corner castings, odour neutralisers, and reefer draining systems are just a few of the accessories we carry that can help with outfitting your container with the best of the best. Whether you need to easily drain liquids from the container or make sure that there's enough clean air circulating through the container, you'll be sure to find a product to help you out. We also offer tiedown straps and cargo jack bars for additional cargo security.

Container Accessories
Container Sheets/Panels

Well-fitting Container Sheets and Panels are available for your container space. Aluminum and stainless sheets provide proper coverage as well as Corten flat sheets. Built to be both lightweight and durable, these sheets come in a variety of sizes, and all other sheet sizes are available upon request.

Container Sheets/Panels
Container Consumables

To help with making small adjustments to your container, we offer a number of different products that each have a myriad of applications. Our silicone and sealants can be used for general purposes while our line of durable abrasives is excellent for cutting, grinding, and sanding. Drill bits, rivets, nuts, and bolts are also available, proving that there's no job too big or too small for us to handle.

Container Consumables
Reefer Parts

If you're looking for Reefer Parts to meet your container's requirements, we have you covered. We offer steel top side rails, aluminum flooring for the top and bottom sections, and VC door moulding covings. In addition, we carry various accessories such as our durable kazoos, available as large and small, drain plugs, and pouring foam products.

Reefer Parts

Container Body Parts

When it comes to building your shipping container, you need to make sure that you are working with strong and durable components. We offer everything you need, from the wall panels to the roof panels, to everything in between, in order to help you build the ideal container to safely and securely store your cargo. Each component is made from high-quality materials to give it the strength to withstand the constant challenges of the industry, from the inside of the container to the outside. We offer flooring, sheets, corner posts, channels, headers, roof panels, and wall panels.

Container Door Parts

The first step in building a strong and sturdy door into your shipping container is to gather each and every part, and that's where we come in. We supply every component needed to construct a solid container door, from strong and stabilised door handles all the way down to littlest nuts, bolts, and lugs needed to hold it all together. We also carry gaskets to effectively seal up any gaps between the door and the container as well as security seals to deter any theft or contamination of the goods stored inside.

Container Accessories, Consumables, & Decals

In addition to all of the steel and solid building materials needed to construct the ideal shipping container, we can also supply you with beneficial accessories, consumables, and decals to improve the security, function, and look of your container. Accessories include reefer drain system parts, ventilating components, corner casts, and cargo security products, among many other choices. For consumables, we carry strong and sharp cutting wheels, durable drill bits and rivets, and long-lasting silicone sealants to plug up any cracks or gaps inside the container. When it comes to caution, our highly visible decals can alert others to the size of the container for greater security and safety.

Reefer Parts

If you are looking to construct a reefer container rather than a dry box, then you'll benefit from browsing our collection of various reefer parts. These include durable and strong door frames as well as door mouldings. Additionally, we carry the essential reefer drain systems that help drain liquids from the container for a cleaner and dryer inside.


We carry a range of different types of Twistlocks to effectively lock your shipping container in place, whether it's at the terminal or on a ship. We offer complete sets of the Twistlock as well as individual components, such as the base and the handle, to construct your own reliable lock or to replace any broken or worn down components on your current one.

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