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Customer Reviews

Van Solutions

ANC Distribution carries a wide and varied collection of decking, shoring, and cargo handling solutions for storing, securing, and stabilising cargo in the back of an enclosed trailer, from breakthrough decking and loading systems to our tracks, beams, and bars. Our goal is to provide you with interior van products that meet your full range of load requirements and effortlessly surpass your expectations. We have items that are designed for nearly any kind of job that needs to be done, from standard-duty handling to heavy-duty restraint.

Aircraft Style Tracks

Aircraft cargo carriers are constantly taking advantage of the kind of strength and durability you can get from an Aircraft Style Track, and we're offering the same kind of advantages to truckers and fleet operators with our selection of these types of incredibly reliable and efficient tracks. The Aircraft Tracks are engineered from lightweight aluminum for easier management and installation. Their design allows them to easily fit within the body of the trailer and transform the walls and floors into a series of steady and solid anchoring points for even more secure cargo tie downs.

Aircraft Style Tracks
Cargo Bars & Beams

ANC Distribution's Bars and Beams are designed to provide you with a strong and stabilizing hold over your entire cargo. They're one of the most reliable methods of securing loads within the back of your trailer, and ours are engineered from high-quality steel specifically for stability and security. We carry Cargo Bars, Shoring Bars, and Decking Beams that have been engineered with the strength to handle loads of different shapes and sizes, from light-duty to heavy-duty.

Cargo Bars & Beams

Ancra introduces one of the most reliable and popular double decking solutions in the industry with our Lift-A-Deck II System. With Ancra's patented adjustable second deck in your trailer, you can now transport double the amount of palletized freight. Or you can mix loads with only part of the truck double decked. Either way, you can increase your hauling capacity – and your profits.

Logistic Tracks

In order to properly and safely transport your cargo to your destination, you'll need to install our selection of incredibly reliable and durable Logistic Tracks. Very easy to install and use, these tracks convert the trailer's walls and floor into a series of strong anchor points that can be used with a variety of different securement methods. Once these tracks are installed, you can use shoring bars, decking beams, and tie-down straps to help prevent your cargo from falling over and knocking into one another, which can effectively cut down on freight damage claims. The tracks are engineered from high-quality steel and feature a galvanised coating for better protection against corrosion and rust, offering a longer service life in which they maintain their optimal strength.

Logistic Tracks

Ancra's Retract-A-Roll IV System is incredibly straightforward and simple yet cuts your loading and unloading times down significantly. The entire system is designed to safely transfer your palletised cargo along the length of the trailer to where it needs to go. The rollers are smooth and easy to install and remove with a unique, patented tilt-out design that makes inspection and maintenance easy. If the rollers are not lowered by the operator, a control valve automatically lowers the rollers when the vehicle's brakes are released.

Tie-Down Fittings - Track & Ring

ANC Distribution carries a wide array of various fittings that are engineered to improve the performance and security of your enclosed trailer tie-down job. These Track and Ring Fittings vary in usage and benefits, but each one of them only offers advantages. From sockets that allow you to transform ordinary planks of wood into durable and reliable decking beams to plates that can be installed anywhere along your trailer in order to create the optimal anchoring point for the job, we are sure to carry whatever it is you need to effectively improve your trailer.

Tie-Down Fittings - Track & Ring
Van Accessories

Looking for a more flexible means of securing your tiedown strap to the logistic track? Want to prevent your loads from snagging on the edges of the logistic tracks or on the corners of the trailer? ANC Distribution carries all of that and so much more in our wide selection of Van Accessories. Each of these products serves a purpose in making your cargo securement job smoother and much more efficient.

Van Accessories
Winch Tracks

In order to experience what it's like to have optimal versatility when it comes to securing your valuable cargo for the long haul, you'll want to first install any of the Winch Tracks that we have available. Incredibly easy to install to your trailer, these tracks are engineered to work flawlessly with the various Slide-On Winches that we carry. Once you've installed the track in its place, you will be able to easily and effortless slide the winches along the length of the track, allowing you to decide exactly at what point you want to secure your valuable cargo. When tensioning is applied to the winch strap, the winch locks into place, offering a more secure tie-down job that you can trust for the long haul. Engineered from durable steel, the tracks are available in 2.4m and 3m lengths.

Winch Tracks

Australia’s Leading Distributer of Enclosed Trailer Products

The Ancra Lift-A-Deck II System is the most popular patented solution for decking loads in trailers and truck bodies. It features state-of-the-art innovation that helps make the loading and handling job a simple and efficient one. A loading system that has been designed to match your particular application, it can be used for both decking and shoring solutions. If a different securement method is needed, the beams can be raised all the way to ceiling level, where they remain out of the way and within easy reach. No need to constantly remove and reinstall the beams and no more leaving the beams at the loading dock.

The Ancra Retract-A-Roll IV System is designed to make handling and positioning palletised loads so much easier. The pallets smoothly glide along the rollers to where they need to go with minimal interference, effectively cutting down on labor costs. The entire system is controlled from an easy-to-operate control box that handles everything. When a different securement method is used, the rollers retract back into the trailer's floor where they remain out of the way until the next time they're needed. With this system installed into your trailer, you'll be able to utilize the trailer's full carrying capacity to your advantage.

In order to fully experience the ease and efficiency of our Van Solutions, you need to first install our incredibly durable and industrial strength tracks onto the walls and floors of your trailers. These tracks effectively transform your trailer's surfaces into reliable anchor points that can then be used with a variety of different cargo securement methods. Our F Series Tracks work flawlessly with our shoring bars while our E Series Tracks maintain a firm grip on our decking beams. The tracks can also be used with tiedown straps that are equipped with the right type of end fittings, allowing for a more versatile securement job. These tracks have all been engineered tough to handle the demands of the job. We also carry differently sized Aircraft Style Tracks and Winch Tracks.

We supply you with some of the most durable and reliable Bars & Beams in the industry. Our shoring bars provide an excellent and solid barrier between loads, preventing cargo from mixing together, while our decking beams provide a second deck to store more cargo, allowing you to take full advantage of your trailer's cargo carrying capacity. Our cargo bars are available for those who don't have logistic tracks installed in their trailers. These bars use pressure to secure themselves to the trailer's walls in a non-slip grip. Whichever securement method you chose for your loads, just know that these Bars & Beams are engineered using high-quality steel with the kind of durability you need in this demanding industry.

In addition to all of these systems and securement products, we also carry a very wide and varied selection of Van Accessories that each have their own significant purpose, no matter how small. These include products that help with securing your cargo such as the Rope Tieoffs and the D Rings, which offer more versatility and more security. ANC Distribution is dedicated to providing you with the products that improve your cargo securement job, from the most breakthrough innovative systems to the smallest plates in your trailer floor.

Aircraft Style Tracks

If you're looking to experience the same kind of security that they have on aircrafts when it comes to tying down your cargo on the inside of your trailer, then we recommend you try out the incredibly durable Aircraft Style Tracks. These tracks are incredibly easy to install and are available in Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty options. The tracks work well with a number of different types of fittings as they easily slide into any of the open slots along the tracks. They act as a solid and reliable anchoring points that can support the rest of your cargo securement job easily.

Shoring Bars & Decking Beams

For a secure and reliable hold on your cargo, ANC Distribution recommends using any of our Bars & Beams to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Using the Cargo Bars, Shoring Bars, and Decking Beams is a great way to not only secure your loads but also help keep the back of your trailer more organized, allowing you to store more cargo and increase your deliveries. It can also make locating certain products and loads a lot easier. We carry adjustable Shoring Bars and Decking Beams for those who have trailers outfitted with the F Tracks and E Tracks. For trailers that aren't equipped with tracks, the Cargo Bars get the job done just as well if not better. Take a minute to see exactly which cargo securement method is right for you and your trailer.

Logistic Track & Ring Fittings

From durable Beam Sockets to incredibly strong D Rings, we carry a wide assortment of various Track and Ring Fittings that are designed to only support the rest of the cargo securement job. We have Beam Sockets that transform ordinary wood into durable decking beams, Logistic Track fittings that are able to snap right into the track for a reliable connection, Anchor Plates that are able to turn any spot in your trailer into a sturdy and reliable anchoring point, and so much more. Each of these fittings are designed from only high-quality materials to bring you the best kind of support you need to get the job done right.

Ancra Lift-A-Deck II System

Ancra's revolutionary Lift-A-Deck II System makes securing cargo a lot easier and a lot more efficient than before. This patented adjustable double decking system provides you with the means to effectively double the amount of cargo your trailer can carry, offering a great way to increase profits while minimizing freight damage claims since you no longer need to double stack cargo right on top of one another. The best part about this system is the fact that you no longer need to remove the beams from the trailer after unloading. These beams can be stored at ceiling level, out of the way during the loading and unloading process but within reach whenever they are needed. No more stolen or lost beams that need to be replaced when they are always right where you need them.

Logistic Tracks

Outfitting your enclosed trailer with any of these Logistic Tracks is one of the most secure ways to keep your cargo from tipping over anytime you hit that bump or take that sharp turn. We offer both E Tracks and F Tracks as well as Winch Slide Tracks and Aircraft Style Tracks for your trailers. Each track is covered in a galvanised coating for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion, contributing to the product's overall increased durability. With these tracks installed, you convert the walls and floor of the inside of your van into a series of reliable anchor points that establish and maintain a solid grip on your cargo.

Ancra Retract-A-Roll IV System

Now transporting and maneuvering your palletized cargo is quick and easy with the help of Ancra's advanced Retract-A-Roll IV System. This system is designed to safely transport your loads down to the front end of the trailer where they'll be ready for securement. Easy to operate using the centralised control box, you'll be able to smoothly control where the pallets go, allowing you to optimize the usable space in the back of your trailer. We carry each and every component needed to install this incredibly durable and reliable system into your trailer's existing configuration.

Interior Van Accessories

ANC Distribution is dedicated to providing you with the means to make your cargo securement job as smooth and effortless as possible. Our wide assortment of different Van Accessories is here just for that purpose. We offer accessories that have a variety of applications, each engineered using only high-quality materials to ensure that they're all more than capable of getting the job done right. From End Caps that cover the edges of your tracks to Rope Tieoffs that provide you with more flexibility, we carry nearly any type of product you need to outfit your trailer with the best of the best. Take a few minutes to see exactly what we have to offer.

Winch Tracks

Before you can start experiencing true versatility when it comes to securing loads to your trailer, you'll need to first install the Winch Tracks. These tracks are designed to work flawlessly with your slide-on winches so that you can tie down your cargo from anywhere along the length of the trailer. Easy to install, they are available in two different sizes and are engineered with an emphasis on durability so that they can withstand the constant demands of the job each and every day.

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