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Cargo Bars & Beams

ANC Distribution's Bars and Beams are designed to provide you with a strong and stabilizing hold over your entire cargo. They're one of the most reliable methods of securing loads within the back of your trailer, and ours are engineered from high-quality steel specifically for stability and security. We carry Cargo Bars, Shoring Bars, and Decking Beams that have been engineered with the strength to handle loads of different shapes and sizes, from light-duty to heavy-duty.

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra Cargo STA II Lever Action - 50441-10

    *GST Inclusive
    $51.37 *GST Inclusive

    Cargo STA II Lever Action NOTE: This item is recommended to be collected from your local ANC Distribution branch,due to the high freight costs to ship this product. For a reliable and secure way to make sure that your cargo isn't going anywhere,...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra Lift-A-Deck II Beam - 49414-25

    Lift-A-Deck II Beam In order to gain full optimal utilisation of all of that available space in the back of your trailer, you need the reliable and durable Lift-A-Deck II Beam. This beam is built with a decking working load limit of...

Differences between Bars and Beams

Both Shoring Bars and Decking Beams are excellent securement methods for the inside of your trailer. They provide different levels of reliable security and mostly depend on the type of cargo you’re transporting. Shoring Bars easily slide into the opening slots of a Series F Track to help create a solid barrier between loads, keeping them separated and organised. Decking Beams work flawlessly with Series E Tracks to either create barriers or create a second deck for cargo. Cargo Bars are designed to fit against your trailer walls without needing any logistic tracks, providing a solid grip against the wall that prevents loads from shifting around.

Cargo Bars

Our Cargo Bars are provided for those who have not installed the right logistic tracks within their trailers. These bars allow for greater versatility since they're not limited to the space that contains a track. Incredibly easy to use, the Cargo Ratcheting Bar and Cargo STA II Bar install in seconds to provide you with a reliable hold over your cargo. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, they expand from 102cm to 178cm and from 2270mm to 2650mm to fit tightly against the sides of the trailer. Once pressure is applied, they suction onto the walls in a tight, non-slip, non-scuff grip that firmly holds on throughout the trip. While they're not recommended for decking purposes, these Cargo Bars are excellent shoring solutions that can prevent cargo from toppling over and causing unnecessary damages to both your vehicle and your loads.

Cargo Shoring Bars

ANC Distribution can help you stay organized and keep loads separated with the help of our industrial strength Shoring Bars. Our bars can be used to put up a strong and reliable barrier between cargo to help cut down on potential freight damages. These bars are designed for lightweight handling and easily fit into the slots of a Series F Track that's been installed in your trailer. Once in place, they press loads against the wall to prevent them from shifting around anytime you take a sharp turn. Adjustable from 2170mm to 2570mm, the Shoring Bars are available with and without handles, which offer easier handling and positioning. They're well-made and perform exceptionally well, offering reliable security for your cargo. They have the strength to handle multiple loads of different shapes and sizes.

Cargo Decking Beams

ANC Distribution's Decking Beams are one of the surest ways to utilize your trailer space to its fullest capacity. These beams are engineered with the strength to support multiple loads on a second temporary deck, freeing up a lot of space that can then be used to store more cargo in the back of your trailer. This can help cut down on freight damage claims since you'll no longer need to double stack loads on top of each other. Adjustable from 2340mm to 2610mm, our beams can be used for both shoring and decking applications, allowing you to erect durable and solid barriers between cargo or to create a solid and reliable second deck of cargo. Whatever use you have for them, they'll treat your loads with care.

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