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When working with pipes and other materials, burring may occur, which can weaken their overall quality. To prevent this, we offer some Deburring tools to help clean it up. These deburring tools are specifically designed to smooth out the rougher edges that may occur on pipes and other types materials when they're cut with a pipe cutter. This can help preserve the strength and quality of the material with minimum effort on your end.


Wide Selection of REMS Pipe Deburrers

Our line of REMS deburrers include the following tools: REG 10-42 Outer-Inner Pipe Deburrer (12mm-41mm), REG 8-35 Outer-Inner Pipe Deburrer (9mm-34mm), REG 10-54 Outer-Inner Pipe Deburrer (12mm-53mm), REG 10-54E Outer-Inner Pipe Deburrer (12mm-53mm), REG 3-35 Outer-Inner Pipe Deburrer (3mm-34mm), and REG 28-108 Inner Pipe Deburrer for Cento (12mm-41mm). We also have the REG St Inner Pipe Deburrer (6mm-50mm) that features double edges for optimum chip flow.

In addition to this wide selection of deburrers, we also offer the REMS REG Universal Deburrer Pen. This incredibly handy, all-purpose tool features a rotating universal deburrer blade in the handle that accommodates to the work piece edge that needs to be altered. It's the ideal tool for working with copper, steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic. Since it can be used on multiple materials, you'll no longer need to constantly switch between different deburring tools over and over again.

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