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Customer Reviews

Water Tank Filtration

Water Tank Filtration devices are an excellent way to avoid letting contaminated water and other foreign materials get into your water tank and lowering the quality of your water. When you install these products into your rainwater harvesting system, they work to keep gunk out of your water supply, including grime, dirt, leaves, debris, insects, small animals, and more. We have the First Flush devices that take care of the first splash of contaminated water that tries to get into the tank from the roof or from the ground. Then the Leaf Eaters and Rain Heads prevent larger unclean objects from getting into the downpipes. In order to make sure that these products continue to function at optimal performance, they need to be regularly maintained and cleaned.

First Flush Water Tank Filtration Devices

With the help of these reliable First Flush devices, the first rainwater that flows from your rooftop, which usually contains the grit, gravel, dirt, debris, and other things stuck up there, is diverted to a chamber that slowly releases the dirty water over time. This effectively prevents that water from ever getting into your tanks. The capacity of the device can be infinitely variable as determined by the chamber length and diameter. This allows you to adapt it to suit the amount of water you want to divert when it starts to rain. These first flush devices require regularly cleaning to ensure that the dirty water empties and it’s ready for the next rainfall that comes along.

First Flush Water Tank Filtration Devices
In-Ground - First Flush Water Tank Filtration

First Flush In-Ground devices are essential if your property is located on a sloping allotment. The devices are designed to prevent bird droppings, mosquito eggs, debris, and other contaminants from getting into your water supply and lowering the quality of the water. Easily installed, the device remains buried and out of sight. They can also be used to convert your wet rainwater harvesting system into a dry system. Remember that regular maintenance and cleaning are required so that the device can continue to function efficiently.

In-Ground - First Flush Water Tank Filtration
Leaf Eaters / Rain Heads Water Tank Filtration

These Leaf Eaters and Rain Heads are designed to effectively improve the overall quality of the water stored within your water tank by preventing larger materials such as sticks and leaves from making their way into your tank. Some of these devices also feature leaf shedding technology that helps maximise the volume of water you can collect while still handling high flow rates. As the larger objects get deflected off of the Leaf Eater’s screen, the patented screen vibration technology effectively shakes off anything else that remains behind. As always, regular maintenance and cleaning is the key to keeping these devices functioning optimally at all times.

Leaf Eaters / Rain Heads Water Tank Filtration

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