Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Webbing Products

The true heart of the strength of nearly any kind of tie-down lies in its webbing. A strong, tightly weaved webbing means a strong and durable tie-down strap. Without it, you lose all control you could have had over the cargo. ANC Distribution carries products that are only engineered using high-quality webbing, which has been made to meet and exceed your expectations. Our Webbing Products surpass the standards and provide unchallenging support over your tie-down jobs.

Car Carrying

ANC Distribution carries the right tools you need to help get your vehicle to where it needs to go safely and securely. Our Car Carrying selection is filled with high-quality tools, tiedowns, hardware, and other products that you need in order to reliably and securely get your vehicle to where it needs to go. Bringing only the right solutions to the towing and recovery industry, our products are designed to provide you with a secure and firm grip on your vehicle to keep it held down in place throughout the long haul. We have the right Axle Straps, Tow Bridles, Wheel Harness Assemblies, and more, each one more capable than the last when it comes to security.

Car Carrying
Custom Straps

We design and manufacture load restraint equipment specifically for your company. Simply choose from this simple six step process to build your own strap.

  • What is the required rating from the strap
  • What length and width do you need from the strap
  • What colour strap do you need
  • What type of hook, loop, or fitting is required to secure the load
  • Do you require protective sleeves on the strap
  • Would you like stenciling on your strap
Custom Straps
Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

In order to fully and successfully secure and stabilize your cargo on the back of your flatbed trailer, you'll need our high-quality Ratchet Tie-Down Straps to help you out. We offer extremely durable and easy-to-use Ratchet Tie-Down Straps that make securing your loads quick and efficient. In addition, we carry Tow Safety Straps and Bottom Assemblies for the other types of jobs that need to get done right.

Ratchet Tie-Down Straps
Replacement Straps

ANC Distribution carries exactly what you need when it’s time to replace a worn-down part of your tie-down strap. We supply you with high-quality fresh adjustable ends that can be used for both ratchet tie-downs and as reliable winch straps. We have replacement straps of different sizes and lashing capacity to accurately fit your requirements.

Replacement Straps

Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Products

We carry tie-down products that serve a number of different purposes. We have straps for securing loads as well as keeping vehicles tied down for transport. Each strap is designed to provide unquestioning strength and uncompromising durability even when faced with some of the most challenging demands. They have been equipped with powerful hardware that can maintain a solid grip between the rest of the tie-down assembly and the anchoring point along the trailer.

Heavy-Duty Ratchet Strap Load Binders

Our Loadbinders are one of the more popular ways to secure your cargo to the back of your flatbed trailer. These Loadbinders combine the strength of our webbing with the durability of well-made hardware, providing a superior combination that is sure to easily take care of the job. The webbing allows for greater flexibility as it can easily conform to the shape of the load, gaining a better grip that, once tension is applied using the ratchet buckle, prevents the cargo from shifting around during transit. The Loadbinders are available in a variety of sizes with different end fittings for you to choose from.

Car Carrying Straps

Our line of Car Carrying products are designed to reliably handle your vehicle. These types of straps are engineered with the strength to haul your vehicle out of sticky situations and also to hold down the vehicle in a secure grip as it's being transported. These straps are available in a wide variety of styles, including Axle Straps and Wheel Harnesses. Each of them is designed to establish and secure a reliable grip over your vehicle, keeping it steady and stable to the transport. In addition to our tie-downs, we also include different hardware such as hooks and strap winders to enhance the strength and durability of the job. Cargo Nets are also available to cover smaller loads piled on the back of your pickup truck.

Replacement Straps

In an industry as rough and demanding as this one, you need to keep your tie-downs in pristine condition time and time again. Broken, frayed, or damaged straps are extremely hazardous and should be replaced immediately. We have you covered with our Replacement Straps collection. We have straps available in a range of sizes and lengths, each one engineered using our highly durable webbing so that they'll last you longer. Each strap comes with our hook and keeper end fittings that provide a secure hold. In addition, we also offer two wear sleeves that come with the strap in order to enhance its abrasion resistance.

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