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Customer Reviews

Car Carrying

ANC Distribution carries the right tools you need to help get your vehicle to where it needs to go safely and securely. Our Car Carrying selection is filled with high-quality tools, tiedowns, hardware, and other products that you need in order to reliably and securely get your vehicle to where it needs to go. Bringing only the right solutions to the towing and recovery industry, our products are designed to provide you with a secure and firm grip on your vehicle to keep it held down in place throughout the long haul. We have the right Axle Straps, Tow Bridles, Wheel Harness Assemblies, and more, each one more capable than the last when it comes to security.

Axle Straps

Getting your vehicle from place to place is a lot easier and a lot more secure when you use our Axle Straps. These straps are made with durability in mind, built to withstand the harsher tie-down environments of the towing and recovery industry. They're the type of straps you want on your side when you need to haul that vehicle to where it needs to go. The Axle Straps are designed with either sewn eye or D-ring end fittings that easily hook onto the right anchor points and stay hooked throughout transit. The webbing is tough enough to take on the harder jobs without risking abrasive and corrosive damage. Once connected to the vehicle's axle, this strap keeps a firm grip on it.

Axle Straps
Car Carrying Accessories

Making the job a lot easier is one of our major priorities for our customers, so that's why we make sure that we can keep you stocked up on some very handy Car Carrying Accessories. From devices that allow you to easily wind up the cargo strap quickly to nets that are able to cover the entire load and keep everything in its place, these accessories are engineered to provide you with unrelenting support. Take a moment to see exactly what kind of benefits you can get from these incredibly helpful accessories that we have available.

Car Carrying Accessories
Tail Assemblies

ANC Distribution is offering the tail end of car carrying straps with our selection of durable and dependable Tail Assemblies. Engineered from high-quality webbing that promotes superior strength and durability, these tail assemblies are more than capable of helping you get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. They come equipped with either a solid J Hook or a sturdy T Hook. The J Hook is designed to easily slide into the right anchor point, no matter how narrow or out-of-reach it is. It is also an excellent choice for use on imported vehicles. On the other hand, the T Hook is engineered to establish and maintain a solid and reliable connection between the tail assembly and the vehicle or anchor point, providing you with a more reliable attachment that you can trust.

Tail Assemblies
Wheel Harnesses

Get optimum security when transporting your vehicle with the help of ANC Distribution's durable Wheel Harness Assemblies. These tie-downs are designed to easily slide over your tires for a firm and comfortable fit, holding the vehicle down for a secured transport. This can help free up your suspension so that it can continue to absorb the shocks and bumps of the road, protecting your car from damage. These Wheel Harnesses are equipped with heavy-duty hooks that easily connect to the right anchor points along with an easy-to-use ratchet buckle that quickly tightens the harness over the wheel. We carry specific Wheel Harness Assemblies for cars and four wheel drives as well as for trucks and tractors.

Wheel Harnesses

Different Types of Car Carrying Straps

We carry a wide variety of different straps that are designed with the heavy-duty strength needed to maintain a solid grip on a vehicle while it’s being transported. Many of them have different means of securement. For example, the Axle Straps are made from high-quality and extremely durable webbing so that they can wrap around the vehicle’s axle for a firm connection. On the other hand, Wheel Harnesses are designed to grab hold of the vehicle from its tires, which is a better way to free up the vehicle’s suspension so that it can absorb the shocks and bumps of the road. We also have hooks and accessories to complement the strength of the strap.

Tie-Down Hooks

Each and every one of the Hooks ANC Distribution has available are designed to provide you with optimal security when it comes to transporting your vehicles. Our T Hooks are strong enough to handle nearly any kind of job that you need done. Our Container Ratchet Hooks are built with a bent part to better fit into containers for easier handling. Our Container Deck Hooks feature a roller for easier positioning and better control. Attach any of these hooks onto your tiedown to create one of the strongest and most reliable assemblies you could ask for.

Car Tie-Down Straps

Our wide selection of various straps and tiedowns provide you with exactly the kind of strength you need to get your vehicle to the right place in a timely and safe manner. These straps are available in such a variety of sizes and styles that you will find exactly the kind of tiedown you want that fits your requirements precisely. These tiedowns are equipped with different end fittings, such as J Hooks, T Hooks, and Container Hooks along with optional tensioning devices. We also carry a number of replacement straps for you to combine with your choice of tensioning device and end fittings.

Tow Bridles

You need to make sure that you've got a good and solid grip on your vehicle before you can get it anywhere, and that's where ANC Distribution comes in with the incredibly durable Tow Bridles. Built with an emphasis on strength, we supply you with only high-quality Tow Bridles that bring flexibility and holding power directly to you. Once attached to the vehicle's anchor points, they hold the vehicle down securely with a reliable grip.

Endless Loop Straps

For a more delicate grasp on your vehicle, we offer our durable Endless Loop tiedown for the job. This loop is designed to help with transporting recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and ATV's. It easily fits over the vehicle's handlebars for a secure hold and can then be used with another tiedown assembly to prevent the vehicle from shifting around during transit. This Endless Loop does not have any hardware, which eliminates the risk of scratching or marring the surface of your recreational vehicle.

Car Strap Stud Fittings

In addition, for when you're securing our vehicle to a deck that has been outfitted with logistic tracks for more security, we offer our Single Stud Fitting and Double Stud Fitting to give you some more flexibility in your tiedown job. Both are incredibly durable and easy to use, offering you a strong a secured hold on your vehicle. Combine these studs with the right tiedown assembly to create a solid and firm connection that prevents your vehicle from rolling off of the transport deck.

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