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Customer Reviews

Commercial & Industrial Bladder Systems

Waterplex offers a wide range of commercial and industrial bladder systems that are engineered to provide you with optimal flexibility of short-term to long-term liquid storage options in the harshest environments. Unlike traditional tanks, these bladder systems are designed to require minimal site preparation and can be folded and moved from site-to-site. Additionally, they can be easily stored and ready to be deployed for almost any application. What makes these systems stand out among the others is their ability to be easily transportable to hard-to-reach destinations.

  • Waterplex

    Commercial Bladder Tanks

    Commercial Grade Bladder Tanks For commercial purposes, we offer bladder tanks that are ideal for those with limited space, with limited access, or with an unusually shaped open space or area. You will be able to experience the advantages of the domestic...

  • Liqua

    I-Flex Storage Flexitank - WP-IFLEX

    Waterplex I-Flex Storage Flexitank The Waterplex I-Flex Flexitank is a food-grade bladder tank that is designed to provide reliable and flexible short and long term storage for food manufacturers with limited permanent storage capacity. Additionally, the...

Differences of Flexitanks, Industrial Bladder Tanks, and Commercial Bladder Tanks

I-Flex Flexitanks are excellent for transporting large amounts of liquids in bulk. They are also handy for manufacturers who have limited permanent storage capacity at their location, especially when handling liquids that have uncertain supply and demand patterns. Industrial and Mining Bladder Tanks are designed for portable water storage for a variety of applications, including consumption, suppression, and containment. Finally, Commercial Bladder Tanks are the ideal solution for situations where you have limited space or access but still want to experience the ease of having a domestic water tank for commercial applications.

I-Flex Flexitanks

Storing water short term can be tricky, so Waterplex offers the I-Flex Flexitanks as the solution. They're ideal for shipping bulk liquids around the world while being able to handle the demands of transporting large volumes of liquids. These tanks are available with large carrying capacities, up to 75,000 litres, and in a number of different widths. The types of materials used to manufacture the tanks vary depending on the liquid, from food-grade liquid storage to storing waste products.

Industrial and Mining Bladder Tanks

As both a short-term and medium-term water storage solution, the Waterplex Industrial and Mining Bladder Tanks are the ideal choice for situations in which you need to store portable drinking water for a variety of different applications, including human consumption, general construction and dust suppression applications, contaminated water storage before treatment or disposal, emergency back-up water storage, spill containment in emergencies where rigid tank capacities may be inadequate, and many other different purposes. These tanks can hold 1,000 litres or one million litres, and Waterplex offers hands-on help as we can support you with configuring exact bladder tank for your situation.

Commercial Bladder Tanks

Commercial Bladder Tanks are ideal for situations in which space or access are limited or there is an unusually shaped open space or area for the tank. Once this type of tank is installed, you will be able to experience the advantages of having a domestic bladder tank for your commercial applications. Able to be easily manifolded together through both the inlet and the outlets, you can have multiple bladder tanks that operate and act as a single water tank, which is especially useful when internal building walls or features prevent a larger tank from being installed. The experts at Waterplex can easily design, specify, and manufacture these types of tanks for commercial applications, and we can determine the right options that suit the job, giving you the ideal bladder tank for schools, offices, and other commercial buildings.

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