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Customer Reviews

Assembling Items

ANC Distribution carries a variety of Assembling Items that have been manufactured to not only support the assembling process but also aid in it as well. From solid surfaces to secure holders to vibrant lights to cleaning sprays, these items are some of the most essential for your workspaces. They let you set up the workspace and prepare it for the next upcoming job, meaning that they offer maximum durability and reliability for when you need it the most. They also offer support for when you’re cutting or threading or grooving your pipes.

  • Rems

    REMS Helix VE Drive Unit - 190000

    *GST Inclusive
    $187.00 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Helix VE Drive Unit(Battery NOT included) Every toolbox is basically empty without a strong and reliable drill for the occasional odd job, and you can't go wrong with the REMS Helix VE, an incredibly handy power tool that can be used for drilling,...

  • Reed

    Reed CV4 Chain Vise - 02520

    Reed CV4 Chain Vise - 02520 Dealing with irregularly shaped pipes can be a chore, but when you have the Reed CV4 Three-Sided Jaws, you'll find the job a lot easier to get done quickly and efficiently. The versatility of the incredibly durable chain...

  • Rems

    REMS Cordless LED Lamp - 175200

    *GST Inclusive
    $79.20 *GST Inclusive

    REMS LED Lamp - 175200 Working in the dark is a really great way to get yourself and others injured and damage property and tools. To prevent this, keep the work area illuminated using the REMS LED Lamp. This practical, lightweight hand and standing lamp...

  • Rems

    REMS Herkules 3B - 120120

    *GST Inclusive
    $514.80 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Herkules 3B - 120120 The REMS Herkules 3B provides anyone working with pipes a vertically adjustable material support with roller guidance for rotating and stationary pipe and solid material. Offering incredibly sturdy and reliable support, the...

  • Rems

    Rems R220G Helix Drill VE Set - 190010

    REMS Helix Drill VE Set R220G - 190010 The REMS Helix Drill VE Set is the ultra-light, ultra-small, and ultra-handy choice for nearly any kind of job that you need done. Equipped with one 50mm long bit with double blade slot/cross-head, the drill offers...

Benefits of Assemble Products

In order to assemble your items, you're going to need a sturdy and reliably hard surface to lay it all out on. ANC Distribution offers the choice of REMS and REED workbenches that have been designed for universal use. Lightweight and indestructible, these tables provide you with the perfect surface anywhere you need one, whether it's at the building site or inside your workshop. These workbenches can handle the toughest environments and are designed to resist impact, cutting, rusting, tearing, and other demands.

To help with the assembly, we offer the REMS Helix VE, which can handle all the drilling, screw driving, and deburring jobs that you need done quickly and efficiently. This lightweight, handy, incredibly useful tool can be used for assembling, disassembling, and repairing your devices before and after use to help keep them running smoothly for longer.

The REMS Herkules provides excellent support for holding up long pipes. It's lightweight and easily maneuverable, allowing you to cut, thread cut, roll groove, weld, or solder with peace of mind that the pipe isn't going anywhere. In addition, we also supply you with the REMS Cordless LED Lamp, which provides you with highly visible illumination when working in darker areas and can be used as a hand lamp or a standing lamp.

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