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Customer Reviews

Threading Dies

You won't be able to make a clear and clean cut into your pipe material without the help of high-quality threading dies that offer precise cutting geometry while ensuring an excellent start-cutting performance, easy threading, and clean threads. These dies are engineered in a high-quality special-grade steel and are fully tempered and hardened for extremely long service life. Easy to install, we have a variety of dies and die heads in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your threading machine.


REMS Dies and Die Heads

We carry dies for the REMS Tornado and Magnum in addition to the Dies Set S, which features quick change die heads and extension levers for cutting pipe threads in hard-to-reach areas. Complete with differently sized specially mounted dies, this set has precise pipe guidance at the cover side that ensures perfect pipe centering and easy start-cutting.

The REMS 10mm Threaded Rod Cutter Dies are designed to cut mild steel threaded rods. Their unique design protects the rod from getting damaged during the cutting process. For the tougher, heavy-duty jobs, there's the REMS 101mm Automatic Die Head with its robust, compact threading attachment for efficient threading of tapered pipe threads and nipple-threading. The stepless automatically opening die head eliminates the need for the time-consuming reverse. With a secure grip and self-tightening chuck, there's no risk of the die head slipping off of the pipe.

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