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Customer Reviews

Electric Saws

Make clear, accurate cuts along your pipes with the help of pipe cutters from ANC Distribution's supply of REMS durable and reliable Electric Saws. The REMS Turbo Cu-INOX is a strong circular pipe sawing machine. These saws work great on stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, and copper pipes of the press fitting systems. For front-wall installation, they can be used for cutting thin-walled sections. The REMS Turbo K is a universal circular metal sawing machine that features an automatic cooling lubricant unit. One of the most powerful saws in its class, the Turbo K is excellent for installation, metal working, and industry applications. These electric saws, also including the Nano, Akku-Nano, Cento, DueCento, and Akku-Cento are compact, lightweight, and small enough to be easily portable, allowing you to bring them to the jobsite or to your workshop.

  • Rems

    REMS Turbo K - 849007

    REMS Turbo K - 849007 The most powerful electric saw machine in its class is the REMS Turbo K. Ideal for a multitude of applications ranging from installation to metal working, this compact, mobile, universal circular metal sawing machine features a...

  • Rems

    REMS Turbo Cu-INOX - 849006

    REMS Turbo Cu-INOX - 849006 The strength and unchallenged power of the REMS Turbo Cu-INOX makes it the ideal compact, portable, circular pipe sawing machine for the tougher jobs. Built with durability in mind, this saw is excellent for producing...

  • Rems

    REMS Akku-Nano - 844011

    REMS Akku-Nano - 844011 Before you head to the jobsite, make sure you bring along your own REMS Akku-Nano so that you can quickly and efficiently cut through those pipes and tubing. Able to produce clean cuts on stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes,...

  • Rems

    REMS Nano - 844010

    REMS Nano - 844010 The REMS Nano is the ideal powerful, ultra-light, handy electric tool for cutting through pipes and tubing. It produces fast, right-angled, chip-free, burr-less, and clean cuts in just seconds. This saw is powered by a robust,...

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