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Cargo Care

Put your load in ANC Distribution's more than capable hands since we have the right stuff to take good care of your cargo. Each of these products are specially designed to treat your loads right, whether it's protecting liquids, protecting cargo from moisture damage, or protecting cargo from each other. Depending on what you're carrying, we have the right items you need to effectively protect and secure your delicate cargo. We carry Waterplex Flexitanks for easier storage of food-grade liquid products. Desiccant bags are also available if you're transporting very sensitive cargo as these bags protect them from harmful effects such as rust, mildew, and mould. Finally, the dunnage bags we offer are able to provide a helpful cushion between loads for extra protection.


The Nordic Bay Desiccant Bags are what stands between you and a very large headache involving damaged cargo. These non-toxic bags protect your containerised cargo from moisture damage. This also includes mould, mildew, solidifying, fungi, corrosion, and rust building up and covering your loads due to humidity. The bags absorb these potential harmful effects and protect what really matters. The bags are designed to absorb up to two times their own weight, protecting loads for up to 3 months. We offer a single 1kg bag or a saddlebag, piccolo, and blanket combination.

Dunnage Air Bags

Put up an airbag between your pallets to prevent damage with the help of these Dunnage Bags. These bags, which are available in a variety of sizes to fit a number of different loads and trailer sizes, act as cushions between different loads, which is essential when transporting delicate or fragile cargo. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the bags are ready to use in no time and can be reused over and over again. They're built from durable vinyl that helps protect them from the sharper edges of the pallets so that they have the durability needed to withstand the constant abuse of the trip.

Dunnage Air Bags
Thermal Products

The quality assured SureTemp® brand of insulating products reduce your need for refrigerated units. This impressive range of thermal products includes container blankets, liners, pallet covers and wall liners. The highly effective thermal protective layers offer you both financial savings and environmental benefits without compromising the integrity of your temperature sensitive products.

Thermal Products

Cargo Care Solutions

Flexitanks are Waterplex's ideal solution to storing and transporting liquids for the short term as well as for the long term. These bladder tanks are easy to handle as they provide flexibility when it comes to preserving liquids. This can be especially helpful for food manufacturers who have limited storage space. Available in a variety of styles, such as the E-Flex, R-Flex, I-Flex, H-Flex, and K-Flex, the main benefit of these flexitanks is their lack of bulkhead, which simplifies the installation process while removing any risks associated with bulkheads.

For transporting other food products besides liquids, our line of non-toxic desiccant bags protect your containerised cargo from moisture damage as well as from mould, mildew, solidifying, fungus, corrosion, and rust. They're excellent for transporting powdered and packaged dairy goods. Easy to use and easy to remove, they trap whatever harmful effects are trying to damage your cargo and absorb them efficiently. Hang them up anywhere within the inside of your trailer so that they can start working their magic.

In addition to protecting food products and liquids, we provide a 900w x 1200h and a 1200w x 2100h Vinyl Dunnage Bag for when you need a little bit of cushioning between loads along with other sizes to accommodate the larger and smaller loads. These bags are easy to inflate, incredibly durable, and can be disposed or reused however you see fit. Just slip them into the cavities located between the loads or between the pallet and the trailer wall, and they’ll be able to absorb most if not all of the impact, effectively protecting your cargo.

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