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Cargo Hooks

Handling the heavy-duty tie-down jobs and securing the tougher and rougher loads is a lot easier once you equip your tie-down assembly with the unchallenged strength of these durable Hooks. One of the most reliable end fitting for both webbing and chain tie-down assemblies, these hooks are engineered to provide you with maximum lashing capacity with maximum resistance against abrasion and corrosion. They are designed with a wide throat that allows you to easily hook them onto your vehicle's anchoring point, providing a firm connection that supports the overall strength and performance of the rest of the cargo securement assembly. With these hooks in place, you'll be able to effectively secure your loads to the back of your flatbed trailer with maximum security and strength.

Grab Hooks

The Winged Grab Hooks are the ideal end fittings for a variety of cargo securement jobs that require an extra level of security and strength. Able to take on the tougher tie-down jobs with ease and efficiency, these hooks are more than capable of offering you maximum lashing capacity to get the job done right. Easy to install onto your webbing or chain tie-down assembly, the hooks are designed to establish a solid connection between the assembly and the flatbed trailer's anchor point, working together to make sure that your cargo isn't going anywhere during transit.

Ideal for chain assemblies, the Grab Hooks are designed with cradles on both sides of the outer jaws, which help prevent deformation to the chain during the tensioning process while also allowing for full lashing capacity to the chain. All of these durable Grab Hook are engineered from high-quality electroplated gold Grade 70 steel and are built to comply with ASNZ 4344 2001. They are available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm sizes.

Grab Hooks
  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 13mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook - 40454

    *GST Inclusive
    $25.40 *GST Inclusive

    13mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook When it comes to dealing with the tougher loads, you will want to use chains to secure the abrasive cargo, and the best end fitting that can handle these chains is the 13mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook. Built with the ability...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 10mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook - 40300

    *GST Inclusive
    $9.60 *GST Inclusive

    10mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook Taking on the tougher cargo securement jobs is a lot easier once you have a tie-down assembly that is equipped with a durable 10mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook. Built from heavy-duty steel with an electroplated gold...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 8mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook - 40299

    *GST Inclusive
    $6.60 *GST Inclusive

    8mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook When you equip your tie-down chain assembly with the incredibly durable 8mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook, you'll be able to start taking on the tougher cargo securement jobs. Engineered with the strength to easily hold...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 6mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook - 40298

    *GST Inclusive
    $6.50 *GST Inclusive

    6mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook Engineered with the durability to easily take on the tougher, heavy-duty tie-down jobs that require superior strength and performance, the 6mm Grade 70 Winged Grab Hook is an excellent addition to your tie-down...

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