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Customer Reviews

Roll Grooving Machines

A must-have tool for industrial and utility piping applications alike, our selection of Roll Grooving Machines can provide you with the strength you need to handle pipes of different materials and sizes. Incredibly easy to use, each of these pipe groove cutting machines is designed to provide you with optimal power and handling, allowing you to create accurate and precise grooves onto those pipes and tubes. Offering a wide variety of different Roll Groovers, you’ll be sure to find the right type of tool for the right type of pipe in this selection.

  • Rems

    REMS RG2 Collum Roll Groover Machine - 347008

    REMS Collum RG2 Roll Groover Machine - 347008 The REMS Collum RG2 Roll Groover Machine is a powerful tool for fast, economical grooving of pipes for pipe coupling systems. This groover is excellent for a variety of applications, such as commercial...

  • Rems

    REMS Roll Grooving Attachment, 230V - 347000

    REMS Roll Grooving Attachment 230V - 347000 The REMS Roll Grooving Attachment with oil hydraulic forward feed is ideal for grooving pipes of pipe coupling systems. It's great for installation, sprinkler lines, commercial heating, industry, mining, and...

REMS and Reed Pipe Groovers

The Reed portable roll groovers are designed to be compact and durable tools for use at installation sites and for other applications. The Reed RG6S Roll Groover is built for a long service life with the steel body to withstand the demands of severe grooving applications. The Reed RG26 Roll Groover is the compact solution for grooving in-place pipes and pipes that are too short for powered groovers.

In addition to this selection of Reed tools, we also have a detailed array of REMS Grooving Machines that are easy to handle, fast, and powerful. The REMS Collum RG and REMS Magnum RG Roll Grooving Machines are for fast, economical grooving of pipes for pipe coupling systems that can be used for installation, sprinkler lines, commercial heating, industry, and mining. These machines are easily portable and can be used at the jobsite or at the workshop.

The REMS R300 Roll Grooving Attachment is compact and universal and is the only one roll grooving device for the REMS Amigo, Amigo 2, Amigo 2 Compact, Tornado, and Magnum. Easy to attach, it provides secure clamping and optimum power transmission. We also offer the REMS Grooving Rollers Set with 50mm—152mm sets that fit onto REMS Roll Grooving attachment R300. These rollers have perfectly size-adjustable pressure rollers and counterpressure rollers with well gripping axial knurls that guarantee a secure rotation of the pipe and precise grooving.

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