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Customer Reviews

Pipe Bending Tools

When it comes to bending, you need a good tool setup to achieve the ideal bend. Having the right high-quality tool for the job is essential, and it can make all the difference between getting the right bend or ruining the pipe. ANC Distribution provides you with these essential high-quality tools with our line of REMS Benders. These benders are ideal for on-site work as they are both lightweight and durable enough to handle job after job. We supply you with these strong benders as well as their accessories to help make the job as smooth as possible. They can bend a wide range of pipes, including soft copper, stainless steel, nickel steel, soft coated carbon steel, soft precision steel tubes, and multi-layer composite tubes, among others.

Pipe Benders

ANC Distribution's line of REMS Benders are designed to effectively, accurately, and quickly bend pipes to the right shape with minimal effort on your end. These benders have a myriad of uses, including for sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigerating and hydraulic applications as well as for hard and half-hard copper tubes and for copper thin-walled heating tubes according to EN 1057 and for tubes of pressfitting systems. In addition, some pipe benders can be used for locksmith work, sanitary and heating installation, machine and plant engineering, and for steel pipes EN 10255 and multilayer composite tubes of the pressfitting systems.

We carry the following REMS Benders: Curvo, Curvo 50, and Akku-Curvo. Each of these benders are designed to be lightweight enough for easier handling and can be used in close quarters for more accurate bending even if the pipe is already installed. They feature optimum matching of bending former and back former that guarantees material-compatible gliding without cracks and creases.

Pipe Benders
Bending Accessories

Of course, ANC Distribution carries the right kind of accessories to complement your pipe bending job. To help you out, we offer bending formers and back formers for different pipe sizes, materials, and bending radii, offering a more versatile advantage over the job. The compact, handy unit of bender drive and bending tools can be used anywhere in parallel vice or free hand as double-hand-benders.

Bending Accessories

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