Flexitanks / Bulk Liquids

The entire process of transporting bulk liquids safely can be a real challenge due to the weight of the product and the force that it can generate while in transit. The key to the safe transportation of liquids is to ensure that the liquid does not move during the journey. To prevent liquid movement while also offering a more compact and space-efficient storage and shipping method, ANC Distribution offers the wide range of Waterplex LiquA Flexitanks that we have available. From the space-saving K-Flex Intermediate Bulk Containers to the warming H-Flex Heating System, these Flexitanks are all designed to take good care of your liquids throughout transport.

Integrated Bulkhead Flexitanks

Representing the next generation of bulk liquid food-grade transport solutions are the Integrated Bulkhead Flexitanks. This superior flexitank solution does not require a bulkhead because they have been designed to prevent your precious liquid from moving (as opposed to conventional flexitanks that allow the liquid to slosh around). Because the liquid cannot move, it cannot escape; therefore, no bulkhead is required.

Integrated Bulkhead Flexitanks
K-FLEX - Flexible IBC

The Waterplex K-Flex Collapsible Drum IBC is the world leading flexible intermediate bulk container that takes the idea of steel framed rigid plastic IBCs and removes the rigid tank and steel frame parts while still retaining the structural integrity needed to reliably and securely transport up to 1,000 litres of liquid. This is the ideal shipping container since, unlike other IBCs, the K-Flex packs to a fraction of its original size and can be easily stored until it's needed. Not only does this reduce packaging requirements over conventional forms of packaging and space requirements, this significantly increases shipping capacity since the K-Flex containers have the ability to stack on top of each other.

K-FLEX - Flexible IBC
Flexitank Site Storage

There may be situations in which emergency or temporary storage of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids is needed. For this purpose, Liquatrans bladder tanks are the ideal solution. Liquatrans is a specialist designer and manufacturer of liquid transport solutions that offers dependable transport and temporary static storage solutions. These bladder tanks can be easily and quickly removed from their boxes, rolled out in the storage location, and ready to be filled as soon as you require temporary liquid storage.

Flexitank Site Storage
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    LiquA H-Flex Flexitank Heating System

    LiquA Flexitank H-Flex Heating System The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the innovative idea of introducing a total heating system into a flexitank using a chamber that preserves and circulates steam all around the flexitank. The H-Flex works by applying up...

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    LiquA R-Flex 20' Reefer Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' R-Flex Reefer Flexitanks Waterplex introduces the world leading superior self-supporting LiquA R-Flex Reefer Flexitank range.  This incredibly dependable flexitank can transform your refrigerated shipping container into a reliable and...

  • Liqua

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Dual Compartment Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' E-Flex GP Dual Compartment Flexitanks Carry 2 separate bulk-liquid cargos in a single container! Now you can carry red and white wine, or two separate types of oil, in the same container - a world first. Total Capacity Top Tier Bottom...

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    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' E-Flex GP Flexitanks When engineering the LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks - we made sure to give it the capabilities necessary to withstand the forces required to hold a liquid inside a container without moving. Designed to improve the transportation...

  • Liqua

    K-Flex - Collapsible Drum IBC

    Collapsible K-Flex Drum IBC The Waterplex K-Flex Collapsible Drum IBC is the world leading flexible intermediate bulk container that takes the idea of steel framed rigid plastic IBCs and removes the rigid tank and steel frame parts while still retaining...

  • Liqua

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP 26,000 Litre Flexitank for WINE

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP 26,000 Litre Wine Flexitank With features designed specifically for the transportation of wine, this 26,000 Litre Flexitank allows you to transport over 8% more cargo than your competition! Savings that are realised right across the...

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    I-Flex Storage Flexitank

    Waterplex I-Flex Storage Flexitank The Waterplex I-Flex Flexitank is a food-grade bladder tank that is designed to provide reliable and flexible short and long term storage for food manufacturers with limited permanent storage capacity. Additionally, the...

Differences of Flexitanks

Waterplex LiquA Flexitanks come in a variety of types that have their own sets of advantages and benefits. For example, the E-Flex tanks are best suited for transporting non-hazardous, food-grade liquid goods in standard dry box shipping containers while the R-Flex tanks are more suited for refrigerated shipping containers. The H-Flex is designed to heat up the container before the liquids arrive at their destination to limit the amount of time spent on defrosting the goods. We also have the K-Flex for more convenient and space-saving shipments and the I-Flex for temporary site storage.

E-Flex 20’ GP Dry Box Flexitanks

Waterplex is offering you the experience of the world leading superior self-supporting flexitank with no bulkhead, the LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks. These flexitanks are the ideal liquid transport solution that offer a number of advantages. The elimination of the need for a bulkhead significantly simplifies the installation process by removing the risks that are associated with it. Since there is no bulkhead, there is also an elimination in disposal costs or waste issues from disposing the bulkhead or shipping it back to its origin.

R-Flex 20’ Reefer Flexitanks

Waterplex offers the world leading superior self-supporting LiquA R-Flex Flexitank Reefers, which are designed for reliably transporting liquids in refrigerated shipping containers. Ideal for transporting high-density liquids such as liquid sugars or fruit concentrates, the R-Flex can be used in standard shipping containers while not exerting any pressure on the sides of the container; thereby, removing the risk of damaging containers or refrigeration equipment, potentially causing them to fail due to the forces at play. Additionally, since the R-Flex does not require any bulkhead, you don't have freight, disposal, or waste costs related to bulkheads.

H-Flex 20’ Heating System Flexitanks

The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the innovative idea of introducing a total heating system into a flexitank using a chamber that preserves and circulates steam all around the flexitank. The H-Flex works by applying up to 4 bars, 130° C steam into the Steam Liner where it is distributed and circulated from the top to the bottom to the centre of the flexitank, heating the cargo with a high transmission rate. Eventually, the 130° C steam condenses to 20° C water by transmitting its whole heat/energy to the cargo.

K-Flex IBC Flexitanks

The advantage to the K-Flex is that the product is shipped in a new tank each and every time. This overcomes issues of potential product contamination and the cost of returning empty tanks back to the shipping dispatch point. The flexitanks can be recycled provided the liquid residue is acceptable to the recycler. And because there is no bulkhead required for these flexitanks, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced because less materials are required and shipping is more efficient. They also have the added advantage that bulkheads do not have to be repatriated for the destination port. The IBCs come in a number of configurations and can be supplied with customised inlet and outlet fittings and other options (note that minimum quantities may apply).

I-Flex Site Storage Reusable Flexitanks

Offering reliable and flexible short-term and longer-term storage, the Waterplex LiquA I-Flex Flexitank is the food-grade bladder tank solution designed to benefit food manufacturers who have limited permanent storage capacity. The tank is ideal for managing liquids with uncertain supply and demand patterns beyond existing storage capacity. The I-Flex can be made to almost any capacity up to 75,000 litres, depending on the storage requirement, which may be either at the manufacturing location or at the customer's premises, and the available space.

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