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E-FLEX - 20' GP Dry Box Flexitank

Once you install the LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks, the ideal liquid transport solution, you will be able to reliably and easily ship 20,000 to 27,000 litres worth of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids from location to location without the risk of the liquid escaping or the pressure damaging the walls. This is because the E-Flex is the world leading superior self-supporting flexitank that features no bulkhead. Instead, there are integrated harnesses located at each end of the flexitank that act as bulkheads. They work to prevent liquid from spilling and splashing around inside the container, keeping it from escaping.

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    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Dual Compartment Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' E-Flex GP Dual Compartment Flexitanks Carry 2 separate bulk-liquid cargos in a single container! Now you can carry red and white wine, or two separate types of oil, in the same container - a world first. Total Capacity Top Tier Bottom...

  • Liqua

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' E-Flex GP Flexitanks When engineering the LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks - we made sure to give it the capabilities necessary to withstand the forces required to hold a liquid inside a container without moving. Designed to improve the transportation...

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    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP 26,000 Litre Flexitank for WINE

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP 26,000 Litre Wine Flexitank With features designed specifically for the transportation of wine, this 26,000 Litre Flexitank allows you to transport over 8% more cargo than your competition! Savings that are realised right across the...

Lack of Bulkhead

The lack of bulkhead means that the installation process is simplified while also removing the risks associated with bulkheads. Additionally, since there is no bulkhead to deal with, you don't have to worry about disposing it or shipping it back to its origin. The E-Flex offers you a significant increase in shipping capacity per container load, with 15 percent more payload than IBCs, 44 percent more payload than drums, and 50 percent more payload than bottles.

The Waterplex LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks are able to transport a range of liquids, including edible oils, such as canola oils, sunflower oils, or cooking oils, as well as additives, emulsions, detergents, white oils, and waxes, among others.

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