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Rainwater Pumps & Accessories

When it comes to outfitting your water tanks with the best, ANC Distribution has you covered. From accessories that are designed to prevent leaves and other debris from getting into your water tank to fittings that improve the overall performance of the whole rainwater harvesting system, we carry all of what Waterplex has to offer in terms of Rainwater Pumps and Accessories. We have durable rainwater pumps from Bianco and Davey, rain eaters and rain beaters as well as tank gauges from Blue Mountain, and so much more accessories and components that are designed to enhance your rainwater harvesting system to the max.

Water Pumps

Water Pumps are a key essential component to the overall performance of your entire rainwater harvesting system. They are engineered to supply your property with a reliable and constant flow of water, allowing you to determine exactly where the water is most needed, whether it’s for industrial, commercial, irrigation, or household applications. Made from high-quality products for superior performance, the water pumps are a necessary addition to your rainwater harvesting system as a whole.

Water Pumps
Water Tank Filtration

Water Tank Filtration devices are an excellent way to avoid letting contaminated water and other foreign materials get into your water tank and lowering the quality of your water. When you install these products into your rainwater harvesting system, they work to keep gunk out of your water supply, including grime, dirt, leaves, debris, insects, small animals, and more. We have the First Flush devices that take care of the first splash of contaminated water that tries to get into the tank from the roof or from the ground. Then the Leaf Eaters and Rain Heads prevent larger unclean objects from getting into the downpipes. In order to make sure that these products continue to function at optimal performance, they need to be regularly maintained and cleaned.

Water Tank Filtration
Other: Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

With the various rainwater harvesting accessories that we have available from Waterplex, you’ll be able to experience an improvement in the effectiveness of your rainwater harvesting systems. There are the Eco Sac Covers that protect your valuable bladder tank from dirt and damages. The various fittings and outlets available are essential to the manufacture of your water tanks. The gauge and indicators are designed to keep you informed on how much water is left in the tank. The Storz Fittings make your tank compatible for firefighter access in case they need an emergency water supply. And the underground water tank parts are listed for your out-of-sight tanks. We have all of this and a lot more available that you can browse through and discover.

Other: Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

Pumps, Rain Heads, Gauges, and Accessories

The various rainwater pumps are from a variety of companies that provide high-quality pumps for different applications. The water tank filtration devices from Blue Mountain provide offer a way to keep your water clean and debris-free. There are also incredibly handy devices that indicate exactly how much water you have left in your tank and also keep track of when the next rainfall will be. All of that information is delivered directly to your smartphone as well. The wide variety of other accessories also include fittings and outlets and other parts for water tanks and underground water tanks.

Rainwater Pumps

As a main component that helps deliver water to where it needs to go, this collection of Rainwater Pumps is sure to contain a pump that matches your rainwater harvesting system. The pumps are designed to guide the water to your household or building for both domestic and commercial applications. We distribute only the high-quality pumps from trusted brands such as Bianco and Davey. Before making your choice of water pump, consider the size of the manufacturer and its experience in the rainwater market, the extent of its network around Australia, the warranty of the products, and the recommendations of experienced resellers.

Tank Filtration Devices

You should carefully consider installing a tank filtration device as it can help improve the overall quality of the rainwater that your tank is harvesting. There are rain heads designed with mesh to help remove any leaf and organic matter that comes down your pipes from the gutters. First flush devices help divert the initial flow of the dirty water, keeping it away from the tank. In addition, the leaf eaters act as shields that prevent insects and other contaminated materials from getting washed directly into your tank. These products function best when they are kept clean after repeated use.

Water Tank Accessories and Components

In addition to pumps and filtration devices, we also have a variety of different accessories that help improve the overall performance of the water tank. The Eco Sac Covers provide adequate coverage over your entire bladder tank to protect it from damage. The gauges and indicators keep you informed on the status of the water stored within your tanks. Finally, the various fittings that are available are easy to install either on the outside or the inside of the tank. Take a moment to browse through what we have to offer.

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