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Blue Mountain WDIG01 300mm First Flush In-Ground - WP-ESC0710

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Blue Mountain 300mm First Flush In-Ground

Blue Mountain WDIG01 300mm First Flush In-Ground - WP-ESC0710

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Blue Mountain WDIG01 In-Ground First Flush

The Blue Mountain 300mm First Flush In-Ground is the ideal solution to preventing sediment, bird droppings, insects, mosquito eggs, and debris from entering your rainwater tank, effectively preventing contamination while preserving the overall quality of the water and protecting your pumps and internal appliances. When installed into the ground, the first flush divertor remains buried and out of sight, which is ideal for sloping allotments. It can also be used to convert a "wet" rainwater harvesting system into a "dry" system.

The First Flush In-Ground drains water-filled pipes in your "wet" rain harvesting system to prevent anaerobic fermentation and fermented water from contaminating the water supply. This drained water can then be released or used to water your garden. For maximum space efficiency and aesthetics, you can also customise the first flush diverter's diversion chamber volume to fit your needs before installing it beneath your garden.

Generally speaking, the more diverted water means better quality rainwater ending up in your tank, but you need to avoid volume shortages by managing exactly how much rainwater is diverted. It's important to calculate your diversion needs and then divert the water accordingly. The following formulas offer general guidelines for calculating how much water you should divert: areas with low pollution (open fields, no trees, no bird droppings or animal matter, clean environment) should divert 0.5 litres of water per square metre of roof; areas with higher pollution (leaves and debris, bird droppings, animal matter/carcasses, pollution) should divert at 2 litres of water per square metre of roof. This should determine what length and size pipe or pipes you need for your diversion chambers.

Package Contents

  • 2 end caps
  • Hose connector
  • 8 flow control washers
  • Screw cap with O-ring seal
  • Threaded coupling
  • Plastic filter screen
  • Primary Filter Screen
  • Ball
  • Ball seat
  • 90mm length of 90mm pipe
  • (for joining end cap and threaded coupling)
  • 30mm length of 90mm pipe (Ball seat ring keeper)

PDF Document Blue Mountain 300mm First Flush In-Ground

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