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Winches are one of the most reliable and popular methods of securing your load in the cargo control industry, and ANC Distribution is offering some of the best of the best with our selection. Our winches are designed to provide optimal security with minimal effort on your end. They work effortlessly with the rest of the winch tie-down assembly to establish a firm and solid hold over the load, maintaining that grip throughout transit.

Winch Bars

In order to get your valuable cargo fully and completely immobilized on the back of your flatbed trailer, you're going to need any of the incredibly powerful Winch Bars that we have to offer. These bars are designed to easily slide into the slots along the side of the winch and then help you gradually yet surely tighten down the winch strap so that it grips your loads in a tight and solid hold. Easy to use, the bars are made with durability in mind as they work flawlessly with the rest of the winch assembly to make sure that your cargo isn't going anywhere during the long haul.

Winch Bars
Winch Replacement Straps

ANC Distribution understands just how difficult the cargo securement industry is and how rough it can be on your valuable winch straps. That’s why we have a variety of straps available to act as solidly durable replacements. If you notice that your straps are looking very worn down, have frayed edges, have nicks along the sides, are fading in colour, or have any holes, tears, or knots, then you need to start thinking about replacing those straps with fresh ones. Choose from a number of sizes that are all engineered from highly durable and high-quality webbing. This webbing is manufactured from a tightly weaved polyester thread that enhances the overall holding strength and durability of the tie-down strap, making it a reliable tool for nearly any kind of tie-down job.

Winch Replacement Straps

Different Types of Winches

We offer a variety of different winches that feature different styles and sizes. Each of them has been engineered using the finest of high-quality materials to enhance their durability and strength, making them last you longer. Choose from any of our slide-on or clip-on winches as well as our Gate Carrier Winches. Some of our winches offer an additional length of winch strap to help get you started on the job.

Slide-On Winches

Our slide-on winches save you a lot of time for the long haul. They're engineered to slide right into place exactly where you need them, offering much more versatility than a winch that's been permanently welded or bolted into place. Designed to work flawlessly with our Winch Slide Tracks, these winches offer much more flexible positioning, and once tension is applied to the winch strap, the winches remain fixed into place.

Most of these winches are available as single boss, double boss, ratchet cap, or double boss ratchet cap, each one more than ready to handle the job easily. They are also available with 9m, 11m, and 12m winch straps for your convenience. The straps are engineered using a powerful combination of strong webbing and durable hook and keeper end fittings that work flawlessly with the winch to keep your loads in place.

Clip-On Winches

These clip-on winches can be placed anywhere along your flatbed trailer's side rail for greater handling and better versatility. The winches stay fixed into place and remain that way throughout the trip. These winches come in different styles, including single boss and ratchet cap, and are also available with the option of having a 9m, 11m, or 12m strap attached. This winch strap is designed to work effortlessly with the rest of the winch assembly and features durable hook and keeper end fittings and wear sleeves for when handling rough cargo.

Gate Carrier Winches

The Gate Carrier Winches are much smaller in frame and are placed under the trailer bodies to secure the trailer gates. Easy to install and easy to use, these winches are available with either 4m or 5m straps. These straps are equipped with a durable hook and keeper for easy and reliable securement. The straps are also equipped with two wear sleeves that protect them from excessive abrasive damage caused by constant friction between the webbing and the loads.

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