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Customer Reviews

Pipe Shears

For those looking to make a quick and clean cut along their pipes, our supply of REMS ROS P Pipe Shears gives you the strength to easily cut through stubborn materials. Built with strength in mind, these shears cut through plastic pipes and multi-layer composite tubes like tissue paper. The hardened blades are replaceable, so you'll never have to work with a dull blade again. The REMS ROS P 35 is engineered from lightweight and sturdy aluminum for easier handling. Incredibly easy to use, these pipe shears are an excellent additional for nearly any job the requires accurate and easy cutting.

  • Rems

    REMS ROS P 63 P 63mm Pipe Shears - 291270

    REMS ROS P 63 P 63mm Pipe Shears - 291270 The REMS Pipe Shears 63mm is built with a quick reverse feature that is designed to save you both time and effort when it comes to cutting through the tougher pipes. With their sturdy lightweight aluminum design,...

  • Rems

    REMS 42mm Pipe Shears - 291000

    REMS 42mm Pipe Shears - 291000 The REMS Pipe Shears 42mm are a handy high-quality tool for clean and fast pipe cuts. Designed for quick and easy single hand use, these shears can slice through thick thin-walled pipes, plastic pipes, and multilayer...

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