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Customer Reviews

Liquid Storage

Waterplex has durable and sturdy tanks that can reliably store your liquid for the long term or short term. They also provide the right liners that protect and preserve the quality of the liquids that are being stored while keeping them clean and untouched. These Commercial & Industrial Bladder Systems, Tank Liners, Dam and Pond Liners, and Onion Tanks are essential to anyone who wants to protect their water from contamination or seepage. Waterplex chooses only the best available materials to manufacture the tanks and the liners, offering a longer lasting storage solution that treats your liquids right.

Commercial & Industrial Bladder Systems

Waterplex offers a wide range of commercial and industrial bladder systems that are engineered to provide you with optimal flexibility of short-term to long-term liquid storage options in the harshest environments. Unlike traditional tanks, these bladder systems are designed to require minimal site preparation and can be folded and moved from site-to-site. Additionally, they can be easily stored and ready to be deployed for almost any application. What makes these systems stand out among the others is their ability to be easily transportable to hard-to-reach destinations.

Commercial & Industrial Bladder Systems
Onion Tanks

Onion Bladder Tanks are a unique short-term portable tank solution that are designed with the ability to transport the tank to a remote or difficult-to-access location to be used for water or other liquid storage. Onion tanks are designed for on-going use and last a very long time when well looked after. They are engineered to be portable tanks that can be transported only while empty. They are not designed to transport water.

Onion Tanks
Dam & Pond Liners

Because dams and ponds act as major forms of water storage in Australian rural and bush communities, you need a reliable and durable method of preventing any loss to that water through seepage. With these Dam and Pond Liners, you’ll be able to protect the liquid and prevent it from leaking out of its containments. Engineered using only high-quality materials, these liners offer superior control over the water. They can be manufactured to your specification or design in order to meet your requirements if you give us the right information. Waterplex also can fold and pack the liner so that it will be easy to deploy upon arrival and ready to go as soon as you need it.

Dam & Pond Liners
Water Tank Liners

Customisable Water Tank Liners are available through Waterplex. The team at Waterplex is able to select the best tank liner material for you and then construct it to suit your tanks, offering guidance on the installation process and on sealing around fittings. Waterplex offers off-site fabrication and supply, on-site fabrication, and on-site fabrication and installation.

Water Tank Liners
  • Waterplex

    Waterplex Onion Bladder Tank - WP-ONIONTANK

    Waterplex Onion Bladder Style Tank Utilise all of that wasted space under your house or under your deck by installing the Waterplex Onion Bladder Tank for optimal rainwater storage. An onion bladder tank is a unique short-term portable tank solution...

  • Waterplex

    Waterplex Dam & Pond Liner - WP-DAMLINER

    Waterplex Pond & Dam Liner In Australian rural and bush communities, water dams and ponds are a major form of water storage. A lot of this water is unfortunately lost through evaporation and seepage. Waterplex Dam and Pond Liners are an effective...

  • Waterplex

    Waterplex Tank Liner - WP-TANKLINER

    Waterplex Tank Liner New and old water tanks all over Australia get the best treatment when they're installed with Waterplex Open Tank Liners. In fact, designing and supplying quality tank liners quickly is one of the things we do best. When you need a...

  • Waterplex

    Commercial Bladder Tanks

    Commercial Grade Bladder Tanks For commercial purposes, we offer bladder tanks that are ideal for those with limited space, with limited access, or with an unusually shaped open space or area. You will be able to experience the advantages of the domestic...

  • Liqua

    I-Flex Storage Flexitank - WP-IFLEX

    Waterplex I-Flex Storage Flexitank The Waterplex I-Flex Flexitank is a food-grade bladder tank that is designed to provide reliable and flexible short and long term storage for food manufacturers with limited permanent storage capacity. Additionally, the...

Liquid Storage Tanks

Waterplex carries a range of different tanks to act as short-term or long-term storage solutions for situations in which water is needed in hard-to-reach locations. There are Commercial Bladder Tanks, Industrial and Mining Bladder Tanks, I-Flex Flexitanks, and Onion Tanks, each one offering superior storage capabilities. These types of tanks can be easily transported to their destinations, allowing you to quickly fill them up with the liquid so that you can have a reliable area for access to water. This is especially useful for a variety of applications.

In addition to these Commercial and Industrial Tanks, we also carry the Onion Tanks that are excellent for relocating water to difficult or remote areas. As a self-erecting tank, the Onion Tank is easily transportable while empty of liquids. It increases in size and height as it is filled. This allows you to drag it to the farthest reaches for easy fill up and easier water storage.

Tank and Dam Liners

With the help of the Waterplex Tank Liners, you have the ideal method for waterproofing the tanks and preserving the liquids. They can be used on new tanks or leaking steel, plastic, or concrete water tanks, among others. Able to be customised to fit most types of water tanks on the market, you will be sure to find the right kind of tank liner to complement your entire water storage and harvesting system. Waterplex makes sure to take the time and effort necessary to select high-quality material for your situation, offering detailed guidance through the installation process one step at a time.

In addition, the selection of Dam and Pond Liners that Waterplex offers is designed to provide you with an effectively ideal solution to preventing water stored inside the dam or pond from seeping or leaking out. These liners are made thick from high-quality materials in order to preserve the quality of the water and to prevent the liners from losing or wasting the liquids.

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