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Waterplex Tank Liner

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Waterplex Tank Liner

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Waterplex Tank Liner

New and old water tanks all over Australia get the best treatment when they're installed with Waterplex Open Tank Liners. In fact, designing and supplying quality tank liners quickly is one of the things we do best. When you need a tank lined, it usually means that you have a leaking tank or that you want to install a new tank. Waterplex will make sure that you get the right lining solution where and when you need it.

Open water tank liners are the most common form of tank liner and are the primary means of waterproofing and liquid containment. They can be installed on new steel water tanks of almost any size, leaking steel water tanks, leaking poly plastic tanks, new concrete for site formed water tanks (for example, Besa Block), or leaking concrete water tanks. The type of material used depends on the size and shape of the tank, the type of liquid being stored, its end use, and the tank's location and environment.

Open tank liners can be installed in almost any space provided there is adequate access for a person. Remember, when designing a water tank, you will need to allow for on-going access for any further tank or pump maintenance. An advantage of open liners over enclosed liners is that submersible pumps can be used. Submersible pumps are a good solution where there is limited space outside the tank or if pump noise is potentially an issue. Obviously, all OH&S and confined space precautions and regulations should be followed during installation. Open water tank liners can be made to waterproof tanks with internal piers, sumps, weirs, and walls with step ins or step outs.

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