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Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tank - WP-RSK11

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Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tank - WP-RSK11

Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tank - WP-RSK11

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Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tanks

The Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tank is the market leading reinforced bladder tank water storage solution that comfortably sits under your house or under your deck, taking up all that wasted space and putting it to good use. With superior overlap welds and folded corners for extra strength, this bladder tank uses the steel mounting plate attached to the steel frame to fix the pipe location and remove any stress from the pipes, which is critical.

We've equipped the Reo Sac with standard fittings that the typical plumber connects every day, so you can hire any plumber to install this bladder tank. All of the fittings are permanently accessible for easier and more available on-going maintenance. The bladder tank is also equipped with the largest standard air vent in the market, which is critical to ensure that the tank is not put under pressure during significant rainfall events due to air being pushed into the tank by rainwater. Additionally, the Reo Sac also has a market leading 100mm inlet that ensures maximum rainwater is delivered to your tank without water backing up downpipes.

All reo sac® products are tested before they leave the factory, are assigned a unique serial number for warranty tracking, and are available via the Waterplex national network of resellers in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, and Canberra ACT.

PDF Document Download Waterplex Reo Sac Brochure

PDF Document Download Waterplex Reo Sac Installation Manual

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