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Water Tank Liners

Customisable Water Tank Liners are available through Waterplex. The team at Waterplex is able to select the best tank liner material for you and then construct it to suit your tanks, offering guidance on the installation process and on sealing around fittings. Waterplex offers off-site fabrication and supply, on-site fabrication, and on-site fabrication and installation.

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    Waterplex Tank Liner - WP-TANKLINER

    Waterplex Tank Liner New and old water tanks all over Australia get the best treatment when they're installed with Waterplex Open Tank Liners. In fact, designing and supplying quality tank liners quickly is one of the things we do best. When you need a...

Open Water Tank Liner Applications

As the most common form of tank liners, open water tank liners are the primary means of waterproofing and liquid containment for new steel water tanks of almost any size, leaking steel water tanks, leaking poly plastic tanks, new concrete for site formed water tanks, and leaking concrete tanks. These tank liners can be installed in almost any space as long as there’s adequate access for the installer. Waterplex uses materials such as polypropylene, polyolefin, DuPont Elvaloy, and PVC to manufacture the liners, which are matched to suit the end use of the tank, including the type of tank and the type of liquid the tank is storing.

An advantage of open liners over enclosed liners is that submersible pumps can be used. Submersible pumps are a good solution where there is limited space outside the tank or if pump noise is potentially an issue.

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