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Customer Reviews

Sewer Jetters

Keeping your workspace clean is always a good habit, and it's essential in this type of industry. What better way to clean through tough scum and dirt than a high-speed blast of water from one of these reliable drain jetters? Our supply of Spartan Tool Sewer Jetters can help speed up the cleaning process with a spray of liquid at such a degree of force that not even a single trace of dirt or any other unwanted material is left behind. These drain cleaning machines are incredibly easy to use and are even easier to transport, and they're built with the robust durability needed to last a long time.

  • Rems

    REMS Cobra 32 - 174010

    REMS Cobra 32 - 174010 Cleaning your pipes and drains can be a dirty job unless you get your hands on the REMS Cobra 32. This handy, robust compact machine brings versatility to the job with its high-speed rotator with connectable cable sections for a...

  • Rems

    REMS Cobra 22/32 - 172012

    REMS Cobra 22/32 - 172012 For a handy and versatile device that can leave your drains and pipes clean and pristine, we recommend you try the REMS Cobra 22/32 with a high-speed rotator with connectable cable sections for work up to 100m. Fast and easy,...

  • Rems

    REMS Pull-Push - 170300

    *GST Inclusive
    $199.45 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Pull-Push - 170300 The REMS Pull-Push is engineered with the proven, reliable suction and pressure ability to quickly, easily, and effectively clear out any blockages that are present in your pipes. This cleaning device allows for high-pressing...

  • Rems

    REMS Mini-Cobra - 170010

    *GST Inclusive
    $280.50 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Mini-Cobra - 170010 With the proven and handy REMS Mini-Cobra in hand, you'll be able to effectively unblock pipes in a variety of areas, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the toilet. Operating the Mini-Cobra is incredibly simple in traps and...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Trailer Mount - Ultimate Warrior - 79930000

    Spartan 79930000 Trailer Mount - Ultimate Warrior Get your hands on one of the most powerful units in the field when you unleash the industry's toughest jetter, the Spartan Trailer Mount - Ultimate Warrior. The Ultimate Warrior brings you all the...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Trailer Mount - Warrior - 79920000

    Spartan 79920000 Trailer Mount - Warrior More than ready to take on the challenge with a fiberglass casing to protect and silence the entire machine, the Spartan Trailer Mount - Warrior is equipped with a heavy-duty triplex ceramic plunger pump that...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Skid Mount - 758 Hydro Jetter - 758000SM

    Spartan 758000SM Skid Mount - 758 Hydro Jetter The Spartan Skid Mount - 758 Hydro Jetter is built to deliver the exact amount of power you need in the compact design you want. This jetter is equipped with the works. With a twin-cylinder, water-cooled...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Trailer - 758 Hydro Jetter - 7580000

    Spartan 7580000 Trailer - 758 Hydro Jetter Don't waste any of your time or your money once you get your hands on the Spartan Trailer - 758 Hydro Jetter. This jetter is built to bring you maximum strength, speed, and dependability when it comes to...

  • Spartan

    Spartan O'Brien Root Cutter - 44247600

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,190.19 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 44247600 O'Brien Root Cutter Turn your sewer jetter into a high performing high-powered cleaning system with the help of the O'Brien Root Cutter. The O'Brien is designed to fit pipes 152mm-457mm in diameter, delivering 2000 PSI of operating...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 468 Root Cutter - 44237200

    Spartan 468 Root Cutter For superior performance and greater strength, we have the Spartan 468 Root Cutter, a medium-duty hydraulic tool for sewer root cutting. It transforms your jetter into a high-powered cleaning system as it effectively clears...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Drain Cable Machine 2001 - 44226000

    *GST Inclusive
    $2,228.00 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 44226000 Drain Cable Machine 2001 When you need an efficient and powerful sewer jetter, the Spartan Drain Cable Machine 2001 is the way to go. This is a drain jetter designed to effectively cut away hard obstructions that are causing blockages in...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 381mm Spiral Saw Cutter - 41306607

    *GST Inclusive
    $60.59 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 41306607 Spiral Saw Cutter 381mm Durable enough to withstand a number of different challenges time and time again, the Spartan Spiral Saw Cutter 381mm is more than ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This cutter works flawlessly...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 304mm Spiral Saw Cutter - 41306606

    *GST Inclusive
    $51.49 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan 41306606 Spiral Saw Cutter 304mm If you encounter some of the more stubborn roots while working on a plumbing job, then you can easily unclog the pipe with the help of the Spartan Spiral Saw Cutter 304mm. This sharp blade is designed to be extra...

  • Spartan

    Spartan 254mm Spiral Saw Cutter - 41306605

    *GST Inclusive
    $52.65 *GST Inclusive

    Spartan Spiral Saw Cutter 254mm Sometimes you encounter stronger and tougher roots that are just stubbornly in your way as you try to unclog the drainpipe. That's where the Spartan Spiral Saw Cutter 254mm comes in. This incredibly durable blade is...

Spartan Tool Sewer Jetters

ANC Distribution offers a number of different package deals for Spartan Tool's jetters, allowing you to pick and choose the right jetter for the type of job you have in mind. When working in closer spaces, you'll want to try the strength of the Spartan Tool 727 Cart Mounted Jetter. This jetter features a triplex ceramic plunger pump that has an adjustable pressure regulator for up to 3,000 PSI at 4 GPM. Along with a hands-free foot pedal, two nozzles are included: the closed thruster nozzle for better cornerability and the open cleaner nozzle for maximum forward thrust. The 727 jetter is also available for sale on its own.

The Spartan Tool Soldier Jetter is the mid-sized trailer jet that delivers 3,000 PSI at 12 GPM, making quick work of debris, grease, and other unwanted materials in nearly any type of weather condition. In addition to the jetter, Spartan Tool also offers the warthog nozzle, regular open and closed nozzles, rocket nozzle, and the wash down kit that includes 22m of jetting hose plus the handgun/lance. The Soldier Jetter is also available for sale on its own.

Along with the high-strength Warrior Jetter with 152m of 12mm high-pressure hose, 30m of 15mm rubber supply hose, and 152m of 6mm trap-cleaning hose, you have a choice of including the remote control module, the warrior nozzle kit, the service kit, or the warthog cleaning nozzle.

There's also the entry level Spartan Tool Trailer Mount 738 Hydro Jetter that delivers 2,000 PSI at 12 GPM (45 LPM), the dual axle 746 Hydro Jetter that delivers 4,000 PSI at 12 GPM (45 LPM), and the high performing 758 Hydro Jetter that delivers 3,000 PSI at 12 GPM (45LPM). Connect these jetters to the ends of your trucks for quick and easy transport. The nozzles on these jetters offer a steady pulsation through the hose, reducing friction and keeping you in control over where the nozzle is directed. With the power of these jetters right in your hands, you'll be able to effectively hose down whatever is in your way.

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