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Industrial Tooling Solutions

ANC Distribution supplies you with only the kind of high-quality Industrial Tooling Solutions that surpass industry standards and greatly exceed your demands and expectations. These tools are built to meet nearly any kind of challenge head on with undeniable durability and reliability. Whatever challenges stand between you and a job well done are effectively knocked down by the uncompromising strength and enhanced durability of the industrial tools we have to offer. From press tools and benders to cutting and deburring to drain cleaning and inspecting, we cover all types of areas, offering you an arsenal of tools, devices, machines, and accessories to enhance your workshop and your jobsite.

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Assemble & Test

Before you can start on the job, you'll need to first assemble your devices and instruments. You'll also need to test the fluid pressures in whatever pipe systems that you're working with. To help with this, ANC Distribution is supplying you with some of the best REMS Assemble and Test products that we can offer.

Assemble & Test
Drain Cleaning

Our line of Spartan Tool drain jetters and nozzles are designed to blast away any scum and dirt that’s been caked on and built up in the area. These drain cleaning machines release a powerful stream of liquid that knocks away all types of debris, leaving behind a cleaner and more presentable surface. Some of the drain cleaner tools are offered on their own or as part of a packaged deal that includes different nozzles and other accessories to improve the performance of the sewer jetter.

Drain Cleaning
Pipe Bending Tools

When it comes to bending, you need a good tool setup to achieve the ideal bend. Having the right high-quality tool for the job is essential, and it can make all the difference between getting the right bend or ruining the pipe. ANC Distribution provides you with these essential high-quality tools with our line of REMS Benders. These benders are ideal for on-site work as they are both lightweight and durable enough to handle job after job. We supply you with these strong benders as well as their accessories to help make the job as smooth as possible. They can bend a wide range of pipes, including soft copper, stainless steel, nickel steel, soft coated carbon steel, soft precision steel tubes, and multi-layer composite tubes, among others.

Pipe Bending Tools
Pipe Cutting & Deburring

Cutting and deburring are extremely intricate processes that require exact precision and smooth handling. You need the kind of tools that you can trust to handle such a delicate job, and that's what ANC Distribution is here to supply you with. Our supply of REMS and Reed pipe cutters, deburrers, chamfers, and saws are engineered to provide excellent strength and long-lasting durability, offering clean and exact cutting with minimal effort on your part. Let their tools and machines handle most of the work as they easily slice through a number of different materials like they were made of butter.

Pipe Cutting & Deburring
Pipe Inspection

Finding the problem is the first step to solving the problem, and ANC Distribution is here to help you with that first step. We supply you with the right kind of Pipe Inspection instruments that can help make the job a lot easier and a lot more manageable. No more crawling through filthy pipes or peering down dark, narrow pipes when you have our selection of Spartan and REMS cameras and locators in hand.

Pipe Inspection
Pipe Threading & Grooving

Pipe Threaders and Groovers you can count on

Browse through ANC Distribution's wide and detailed selection of Threading & Grooving machines that we have to offer anyone who wants to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We carry a large supply of different types of pipe threading machines and pipe groove cutting machines that can accommodate various pipe sizes and pipe materials, providing operators with solid and reliable tools for their work, whether it's in the workshop or at the jobsite. Not restricted to just threading and grooving, many of these machines can be used a variety of applications, such as cutting, deburring, and other pipe modifications.

Pipe Threading & Grooving
Pipe Wrenches

Wrenches are one of the most essential tools to have in your toolbox. You never really know when you're going to need one, so it's always handy to have the right kind ready and waiting just within reach. These are numerous wrenches in the industry that are used to tighten and loosen bolts, screws, fittings, nuts, and so much more. There is a variety of choices available, and ANC Distribution provides you with a detailed selection of Wrenches, each one built with the durability you need to last you longer and the strength you need to get the job done right.

Pipe Wrenches
  • Rems

    REMS Contact 2000 - Electric Soldering Unit - RM164050

    REMS Contact 2000 - Electric Soldering Unit - RM164050 The REMS Contact 2000 is the newest ally for all of your soft-soldering requirements. With an unbelievable soldering power of 2000 W, the Contact 2000 is the smallest, strongest and fastest unit of...

  • Rems

    REMS Hydro-Swing 22V - Set 12-15-18-22 - 153410

    REMS Hydro-Swing 22V - Set 12-15-18-22 - 153410 The impressive REMS Hydro-Swing 22V Set is a Cordless tube bender used for dimensionally accurate bending of pipes up to 90 degrees. It is used for sanitary, heating, air conditioning,...

  • Rems

    REMS R220 Amigo 22V Cordless Hand Threader - 530016

    REMS R220 Amigo 22V Cordless Hand Threader - 530016 The REMS R220 Amigo 22V Cordless Hand Threader has the system advantage of using only ONE type of small, quick die head and only ONE type of dies for all REMS die stocks. This unique feature allows for...

  • Rems

    REMS R220 Amigo 2 Electric Hand Threader - 540022

    REMS R220 Amigo Electric Hand Threader - 540022 The REMS R220 Amigo 2 Electric Hand Threader is an extremely strong and powerful, easy-to-operate electric tool able to thread thread pipes up to 2". It includes a unique support bracket without the need...

  • Rems

    REMS R220 Amigo Electric Hand Threader - 530022

    REMS R220 Amigo Electric Hand Threader - 530022 The REMS Amigo R220 Electric Hand Threader is a powerful, easy-to-operate electric tool that's ready for threading. It includes a unique support bracket without the need for a vice. It's the ideal tool for...

  • Spartan

    Spartan Explorer XL400 Sewer Camera System - 6405L440

    Spartan 6405L440 Explorer XL400 The largest and very impressive Spartan Explorer L440 modular camera allows you to see deep down into the line and discover exactly what is causing your line trouble. It is quickly adaptable to any environment and includes...

  • Rems

    Rems BMP 11/8” Pressing Tongs Mini - 578714

    REMS Pressing Tongs Mini BMP 1 1/8” - 578714 The REMS Mini Pressing Tongs BMP 1 1/8” are high-compression and designed to work flawlessly with the Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro Press Fitting System for refrigeration and air...

  • Rems

    Rems BMP 1” Pressing Tongs Mini - 578712

    REMS Pressing Tongs Mini BMP 1” - 578712 The REMS Mini Pressing Tongs BMP 1” have been expertly designed for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. They are machined and manufactured from tenacious, hardened steel to work flawlessly...

  • Rems

    Rems BMP 7/8” Pressing Tongs Mini - 578710

    REMS Pressing Tongs Mini BMP 7/8” - 578710 The REMS Mini Pressing Tongs BMP 7/8” are built for coolant-carrying pipe up to 48 bar. These high-compression tongs are designed to work flawlessly with the Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro...

  • Rems

    Rems BMP 3/4” Pressing Tongs Mini - 578708

    REMS Pressing Tongs Mini BMP 3/4” - 578708 The REMS Mini Pressing Tongs BMP 3/4” are high-compression, very compact, low weight and designed to work flawlessly with the Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro Press Fitting System for...

  • Rems

    Rems BMP 5/8” Pressing Tongs Mini - 578706

    REMS Pressing Tongs Mini BMP 5/8” - 578706 The REMS Mini Pressing Tongs BMP 5/8” are a very compact and low weight design specifically designed to work flawlessly with the Conex Bänninger >B< MaxiPro Press Fitting System. The tongs...

ANC Distribution – Australia’s Leading Supplier of Heavy-Duty Industrial Tools and Accessories

With ANC Distribution's collection of REMS Press Tools available, you'll be able to easily and quickly press the pipes into the correct shape for the job. These tools vary in size and type, offering you a wide variety of strong and durable instruments to choose from. With the addition of axial accessories, radial accessories, and pressing tongs also available, we guarantee that you'll find the ideal press tools to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Bend pipes into the right shapes for the job with any of the bending tools we have available. Along with a number of accessories to enhance the overall quality of the bending process, we offer a number of easy-to-use benders that work flawlessly for a variety of applications, such as air conditioning, locksmithing, sanitary, heating, hydraulic, and much more. They can easily bend soft copper, nickel steel, soft-coated carbon steel, stainless steel, and soft precision steel tubes, among many other types of piping materials.

When it comes to cutting and deburring pipes, you need sharp and durable equipment that can easily slice through material of nearly any thickness. Tools such as the REMS Tubing Cutters, Reed Pipe Shears, or REMS Electric Saws are designed for such a job. From pipe cutters to bolt cutters to hinged cutters, these tools and so much more are strong enough to cut through the pipes while our selection of deburring and chamfering products get rid of any burs and rougher edges for a smoother and cleaner cut.

Threading and grooving are delicate processes that take the kind of intricate tools that we have available. Our supply of these REMS and Reed machines are engineered to easily cut threads and grooves into the pipes for smoother pipework. In addition to the threading machines and roll grooving machines, we also have threading dies, accessories, and hand threaders that only enhance the quality of the job.

Prior to beginning your job, you'll need to assemble and test the devices and instruments to make sure everything is functioning properly. To help with this crucial step, we offer various REMS products that help you make sure your tools are working fine before you start using them. The test pumps are also incredibly helpful in testing the fluid pressure and tightness in piping systems. Additionally, there are a number of accessories, such as workbenches, pipe holders, and cleaning sprays that keep your workspace organized and efficient.

Before or after the job, cleanup is incredibly important, so ANC Distribution offers some drain cleaning equipment to spray away leftover dirt, debris, scum, mold, buildup, and other unseemly materials that coat the insides of the pipes. A variety of easy-to-control Spartan Tool jetters, such as the Warrior and the Soldier, and their replacement nozzles are available to help you combat against the dirt, leaving behind a cleaner and more presentable work area.

See exactly what you're dealing with before you even start working with the help of state-of-the-art cameras and locators. This selection of Spartan Tool and REMS devices are designed to easily fit into the narrow and dark insides of the pipe systems to help pinpoint exactly where the blockage is and exactly where you need to start working. There are many different types of cameras available, all providing a clear picture of what's going on down there.

Sometimes, some of the simplest tools are some of the most reliable, and our collection of Wrenches are no exception. The REMS wrenches we have available provide you with a secure and no-nonsense grip on the pipe, bolt, etc. Whichever wrench you choose for the job, you'll know that you've picked a strong and reliable wrench that can easily handle whatever job you throw at it.

In this industry, you face a lot of various challenges that no single tool can handle alone. That's why you need to stock up on the strongest and most durable tools that you can find. We're here to help you create an arsenal of machines and devices and accessories that are the ideal solutions to nearly any kind of problem you can face while out on the job. From cutting to assembling to threading to inspecting, we've got you covered with our Industrial Tooling Solutions.

Assemble Products & Testing Pumps

Assembling and testing instruments prior to use is one of the most important steps when beginning a job. You need to make sure that everything is working as it should be without any flaws to avoid future hassles. ANC Distribution is here to supply you with REMS Assemble & Test products that are sure to make the job as seamless and effortless as they can. These instruments are engineered with the durability needed to work under some of the most demanding of environments during some of the toughest jobs. In addition to the various Test Pumps that we have to offer, we also carry a variety of different Assembling Items that help support and enhance your instruments and devices so that they can continue to function even longer.

Drain Cleaning Sewer Jetters

Drain cleaning is a messy but important job, and ANC Distribution wants to supply technicians with the kind of high-quality equipment they need to make the job a lot quicker, a lot easier, and a lot more efficient. The Spartan Tool Sewer Jetters are engineered to spray liquid with incredible force, blasting away all the scum, dirt, roots, debris, and other unwanted materials that build up in the sewers and other locations. Easy to control, these jetters can be transported directly to the jobsite and are equipped with long stretches of hoses that let you get deep down into where it's really dirty. We also offer a variety of nozzles that are easy to exchange between hoses and jetters, providing different speeds and pulsation patterns and bringing more flexibility to the job.

Pipe Bending Tools

ANC Distribution offers you some of the best in Bending with our supply of REMS bending formers and back formers to shape and bend the pipes to the right angles. REMS Benders are engineered to provide you with precise bending with minimal effort on your end. These benders can be used for a variety of applications, including sanitary, heating, air conditioning, locksmithing, refrigerating, and hydraulic, just to name a few. This collection of benders and their accessories can handle a number of pipes of different materials, sizes, and bending radii. Offering a complete supply of durable and industrial strength benders, ANC Distribution is here to make the pipework job a lot smoother and easier down the road.

Pipe Cutting & Deburring Tools

Slicing through tough materials and smoothing down the rough edges are no challenge for ANC Distribution's line of REMS and Reed Cutting and Deburring products. The selection of REMS tubing cutters, pipe cutters, bolt cutters, plastic pipe cutters, and pipe shears along with Reed's Quick Release Tubing Cutters are specially designed to produce a sharp bite, cleanly slicing through materials such as copper tubes and pipes, thin-walled stainless steel tubes and pipes, and thin-walled steel, aluminum, and brass tubes and pipes, and so much more with ease. Additionally, we carry Reed hinged cutters and soil pipe cutters for when you need to cut unique materials. For tougher objects, we also have REMS reciprocating and electric saws. After the cuts have been made, smooth down the rough edges with our supply of REMS deburring and chamfering tools, which guarantee a smoother and cleaner cut pipe or tube.

Pipe Inspection Cameras

When it comes to Pipe Inspection, you're going to need the right tools to first visualize the problem and then locate where it is within the pipes. To get the job done, ANC Distribution supplies you with some of the best in high-quality, technologically advanced Cameras and Locators. These products are specifically designed to pinpoint the blockages and other problems within pipes, crevices, etc. so that you can get straight to the problem and get it cleared up in no time. These instruments are extremely easy to use and feature state-of-the-art tech that gives you a clear picture of what's going on down there without requiring you to physically head in. Use the cameras to find the problem, then use the locators to find exactly where that problem is.

Press Tools

ANC Distribution's selection of REMS Press Tools provides you with some of the strongest, fastest, and lightest tools that you can find in the industry. They're engineered using only high-quality materials to offer you a longer lasting method of pressing pipe systems. In addition to the high-performance and strength of the REMS Mini-Press ACC, Mini-Press 22V ACC, Mini-Press S 22V ACC, Power-Press ACC, Power-Press XL ACC, Akku-Press ACC, and Akku-Press 25 22V ACC, we also carry a wide assortment of Pressing Tongs that are designed to easily fit into these different pressfitting systems. Additionally, we offer various accessories to enhance the overall job, including longer lasting batteries, illuminating LED lamps, and cropping tongs, among others.

Pipe Threading & Grooving Tools

ANC Distribution offers only the best of the best when it comes to Threading and Grooving your pipes. We carry a wide assortment of different machines and devices that are specifically engineered to provide unchallenged strength and enhanced durability to meet the never-ending demands of the industry. Our collection of REMS and Reed Threading Machines will provide you with the power you need to get the pipes to the right shapes and sizes. Likewise, the selection of REMS and Reed Roll Grooving Machines are more than capable of cutting through pipes of different sizes and materials to how you need them. Additionally, we have the Threading Dies, Hand Threaders, and Threading Accessories to complement the job and provide additional strength for when handling the extra tough jobs.

Heavy-Duty Pipe Wrenches

A toolbox can never be complete without a trusted and durable wrench added to your arsenal of tools. Versatile and multi-purposeful, wrenches can come in handy for a variety of jobs, especially when dealing with pipework. We distribute different types of wrenches, and each one has its own advantages and unique properties. It all depends on the type of job that needs to get done. Some have a single specific purpose while others offer a more versatile range of applications. Some are built for greater durability while others are designed for more lightweight handling. Take a moment to browse our extensive collection of wrenches, which come in different styles and sizes, so you're sure to find the one that can tackle the job right.

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