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REMS Hydro-Swing 22V - Set 12-15-18-22 - 153410

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REMS Hydro-Swing 22V Set - In Situ

REMS Hydro-Swing 22V - Set 12-15-18-22 - 153410

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REMS Hydro-Swing 22V - Set 12-15-18-22 - 153410

The impressive REMS Hydro-Swing 22V Set is a Cordless tube bender used for dimensionally accurate bending of pipes up to 90 degrees. It is used for sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigerating and hydraulic applications. Also for copper thin-walled heating tubes according to EN 1057 and for tubes of pressfitting systems.

The Hydro-Swing 22V Set is a robust, compact drive unit with a closed, maintenance-free hydraulic system.
It has tons of thrust for crease-free bending within seconds. With a thrust force of 9 kN, the Hydro-Swing exerts its electro-hydraulic drive with a powerful battery motor of 21.6 V, 380 W output. rIt is also complete with robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and a compact, high power hydraulic system. For those who are new to this equipment, it also has a built-in safety tip switch.

Your Hydro-Swing operates extremely fast at an impressive Ø 22mm stainless steel pipe bend in just 8 seconds. It is also supplied with marked bending formers for exact bending, even overbend and tier bend is possible. You will enjoy the ability for rapid changing of bending formers, further saving time in the workplace. The included Back former support is: H-S Ø 10 – 26mm, rotatable according to the size of the pipe to be bent, with back formers for pipes Ø 10 – 26 mm, ⅜ – ⅞".  Back former support  Ø32mm with back formers for pipes Ø32mm. It also comes with an LED work light for illuminating the work place.

As for the drive, it allows both battery or mains operation Li-Ion 22 V Technology. Your Set will be complete with a highly resistant Li-Ion 21.6V, 2.5Ah battery with a long service life. The battery allows for approximately 110 pipe bends of the stainless steel in a single charge.

You will never be disappointed with its carefully designed mobile, handy and light unit which comes in an impressive case specifically designed for your Hydro-Swing and accessories. The drive machine with battery pack weighs only 3.0kg and can be used anywhere, even in confined spaces.

REMS Hydro-Swing 22V - Set 12-15-18-22 - RM153410 Quick Specs:

  • Cuttable Materials:
    Stainless Steel, Nickel Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Steel Tubes,
    Multilayer Composite Tubes
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Head Material: Alloy
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 7.70kg
  • Length: 515mm
  • Width: 120mm
  • Height: 160mm

REMS RM153410 Package Contents:

  • 1 x RM153400 Hydro-Swing 22V Drive Unit without battery
  • 1 x RM571571 Battery Li-Ion 21.6 V, 2.5 Ah
  • 1 x RM571585 Rapid charger 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 90 W
  • 1 x RM153455 XL-Boxx system case with inserts
  • 1 x RM153160 Bending Former: 12, 10 U, ½"
  • 1 x RM153531 Bending Former: 15"
  • 1 x RM153532 Bending Former: 18"
  • 1 x RM153540 Bending Former: 22, 18 U, ⅞" 
Cuttable Materials:
Stainless Steel, Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Steel, Copper, thin-walled, coated soft copper
Body Material:
Head Material:
Handle Material:
1 Year Warranty - Conditions Apply

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