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Cargo Solutions

ANC Distribution keeps security for you and your load on the top of our mind. With us around, you can take load security for granted because we provide you with the components and assemblies that have been engineered from high-quality materials with meticulous attention to detail. Each and every one of these products have been constructed to meet the most demanding requirements and exceed your highest expectations.

Cargo Care

Put your load in ANC Distribution's more than capable hands since we have the right stuff to take good care of your cargo. Each of these products are specially designed to treat your loads right, whether it's protecting liquids, protecting cargo from moisture damage, or protecting cargo from each other. Depending on what you're carrying, we have the right items you need to effectively protect and secure your delicate cargo. We carry Waterplex Flexitanks for easier storage of food-grade liquid products. Desiccant bags are also available if you're transporting very sensitive cargo as these bags protect them from harmful effects such as rust, mildew, and mould. Finally, the dunnage bags we offer are able to provide a helpful cushion between loads for extra protection.

Cargo Care
Cargo Container Solutions

Looking to build your own container or looking for the right part to replace any missing or damaged components? Looking to outfit your container with high-quality top standard equipment and essentials that are engineered to enhance your security and storage capabilities? Then you've found exactly what you need in our Container Parts Category. Within this category, you'll discover all the nuts and bolts that go into building and maintaining a standard, durable, and secure shipping container. We include nearly every aspect and every angle, offering parts that are as large as the container walls or as small as the littlest screws. No job is too big or too small to play a significant role, and ANC Distribution makes sure that we supply you with the best components, both big and small.

Cargo Container Solutions
Cargo Lifting Solutions

For Lifting applications, you need to make sure that you are equipped with some of the sturdiest and most reliable accessories that can only improve the overall performance of the lifting sling. Without the right components, lifting jobs can be much riskier and could lead to potential damage to cargo or to operators and workers. To help prevent this, you need to equip the slings with the right kind of hooks and links that offer superior strength and even greater durability against abrasion and corrosion. ANC Distribution is here to supply you with the toughest and most durable accessories for your lifting slings.

Cargo Lifting Solutions
Cargo Control

ANC Distribution is dedicated to providing truckers and fleet operators alike with some of the best and most reliable cargo restraint systems in the industry. Take a load off of your back and place it into our more than capable hands. We supply the industry with only high-quality, well-engineered, reliably constructed products that ensure a strong and solid grip on your cargo throughout the entire haul.

Cargo Control

Australia's Leading Supplier for Cargo Solutions

When you are out there on the road, you need to have the strongest cargo securement products on your side. You need the right tiedowns, the right end fittings, the right tensioning devices, and the right systems. You need products that secure your cargo and protect your cargo.

That's exactly what you get with ANC Distribution's incredibly detailed and varied array of Cargo Solutions. We carry everything from tiedown straps to chain assemblies, from hooks to ratchets, from decking systems to decking beams, etc. If you're looking for some of the strongest and most reliable Cargo Solutions, then you've found the best of the best in this industry. Each of these products are built to withstand the increasing demands of the cargo control industry, and each one is more than ready to take on the job.

Security is only a part of what we have to offer. We also carry special products that are designed to treat your loads with the utmost care. Whether you're transporting liquids, food, or simply fragile cargo, we have the right products that help prevent potential damage, protecting your precious loads with reliable ease.

In addition, we also carry a detailed and wide selection of Container Parts, from the largest container wall to the smallest lug. No part is too small to have a significant purpose while no part is too large for us to handle. You'll find exactly what you need to replace a broken component or to build your container from the ground up.

Cargo Care

ANC Distribution is sure to provide you with the type of products that take good care of your cargo. We are here to help reduce and potentially eliminate freight damage claims that come from spilled liquids, spoiled food, and broken cargo. When transporting liquids, the Waterplex Flexitanks provide you with a reliable and flexible means of storing liquids for the short term as well as for the long term. When transporting food products, the Nordic Bay Desiccant Bags prevent moisture from building up along the cargo, which could otherwise cause mould and mildew damage to the loads. When transporting delicate loads, our Dunnage Bags offer a durable yet lightweight cushion between pallets and cargo, offering a cushiony barrier between packages to prevent them from knocking into each other and breaking. You can be confident that your loads are in good hands when you take these high-quality products out on the road with you.

Lifting Slings

For greater and more reliable lifting solutions, we offer the right kind of hardware to increase the performance and strength of your lifting slings. Built from high-quality steel with an emphasis on durability, these accessories are designed to enhance the overall lifting capabilities of these slings, offering superior strength that you can trust with your load. We carry hammerlocks, large series oblongs, lug links, multi oblong links, sling hooks, and slip hooks of various sizes to accommodate differently sized and shaped loads. Incredibly easy to install to the ends of your lifting slings, these accessories improve the job and help you get it done quickly and efficiently.

Container Parts

From the walls and roofs to the smallest nuts and bolts, we carry every single part of a standard container, offering you the ability to replace any damaged or missing parts or to plan and built your own container. Each of these components plays an essential role and are designed with the strength needed to support the container as a whole. We offer the following: door parts, door security, container accessories, decals, container sheets/panels, Corten headers, roof panels, wall panels, Corten channels, Corten door sills, corner posts, reefer parts, container accessories, safety gear, container consumables, twist locks, and cargo care. Take a minute to browse our Catalogue that details each and every part and component we have available.

Cargo Control

ANC Distribution only offers high-performance, long lasting, cost-effective, and durable Cargo Control products that help put you in control over your load and keep you in control throughout transit. We carry everything you need to keep your cargo stabilized and firmly in place, preventing any kind of shifting or moving while you're traveling. From the big heavy-duty loads to the smaller lightweight loads, we have the type of products that work flawlessly on their own or together to establish a firm hold over your valuable cargo.

For versatility and strength, we recommend checking out any of our Webbing Products. We carry Loadbinders, Car Carrying Straps, and Replacement Straps, which are all engineered to provide you with unchallenging support. Incredibly easy to use, these tiedowns are manufactured from tightly weaved webbing that promotes both strength and durability. They all offer reliable connections that conform to the shape of your load for a viselike grip once tension is applied.

For flexibility and durability, we recommend checking out any of our Chain Products. These are the types of products that you reserve for the extra heavy-duty rough jobs. When dealing with highly abrasive cargo, you need the enhanced durability of our chains. Available in a variety of lengths, our Grade 70 Transport Chain is engineered with unchallenging durability, giving it the strength you need to get the job done right. We also carry our Chain Loadbinders, which are essential if you want to effectively tighten down that chain over your loads. We offer both types: Ratchet Style Chain Binders and Lever Style Chain Binders. Learn more about what each type has to offer by checking out our Chain Products Category.

For a reliable tensioning device that has been engineered to handle job after job, we recommend checking out our Winches. These winches are some of the strongest you'll find in the industry, offering incredible tensioning power with minimal effort on your part. We have a number of different styles of winches, each one capable of handling your load. Combine them with the right Winch Strap and the right Winch Bar to create your ideal winch tiedown assembly.

For durable tensioning devices, end fittings, anchoring floor rings, and more, we recommend checking out our General Hardware. All of our hardware is engineered to offer our level of unchallenging strength and uncompromising durability. We carry a wide selection of different types of hardware, each one designed to lend a reliable hand to your cargo securement job. If you're looking for ways to upgrade your tiedown assembly, or to install reliable anchor points along your trailer, or to operate your winch, we have them ready and waiting.

For successful cargo securement jobs on the inside of your enclosed trailer, we recommend checking out our Van Solutions. These products are designed to not only provide you with superior securement methods, but also offer you innovative loading and decking systems that help you utilize your trailer's carrying capacity to its fullest potential. Learn more about how Ancra's Lift-A-Deck II System can enhance your trailer with a supportive second deck for storing more cargo or how Ancra's Retract-A-Roll IV System makes handling and maneuvering cargo almost entirely effortless. We also carry the right logistic tracks, bars and beams, and accessories to outfit your trailer to its fullest potential.

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