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Ancra introduces one of the most reliable and popular double decking solutions in the industry with our Lift-A-Deck II System. With Ancra's patented adjustable second deck in your trailer, you can now transport double the amount of palletized freight. Or you can mix loads with only part of the truck double decked. Either way, you can increase your hauling capacity – and your profits.


Ancra’s Double Decking System

For the loads where you need full height, you simply push the adjustable beams to the roof of the trailer for convenient and safe storage. They remain captive within the trailer at all times. No need to take them out during the loading and unloading process. No more beams left on the loading dock. They'll always be right where you need them.

The Ancra Lift-A-Deck II System is the most versatile system you can install. With four track styles to choose from, installations can be made on any type of truck construction, including sheet and post. Lift-A-Deck II tracks can also be used with a wide range of Ancra accessories for cargo containment, offering an even greater level of flexibility you won't find with other securement systems.

Lift-A-Deck Beams

Our Lift-A-Deck II Beams can be easily moved by just one operator. Easily adjustable to whatever height you need them for either shoring or decking purposes, these beams feature an internal locking mechanism to help protect against forklift damage. They can be positioned in one-inch increments for most efficient utilization of space, offering you the versatility to choose exactly how you want them positioned for optimal usage. The standard beams feature a decking working load limit of 998kg and can be adjusted from 221.62cm to 247.65cm and from 237.49cm to 263.53cm. The heavy-duty beams have a decking working load limit of 1360kg and can be adjusted from 237.49cm to 263.53cm. We also carry off-set foot beams that are 2.5cm higher than the standard beams and allows for beam storage at ceiling height, previously prevented by interior wall rails.

Lift-A-Deck Tracks

In order to experience the versatility and security of the Lift-A-Deck II System, you'll need to install our durable tracks first. These tracks are engineered from high-quality steel with an emphasis on both durability and strength. Both Double Row Flanged S-Tracks and Low-Profile Single Row Flanged S-Tracks are available, each providing you with rows upon rows of easy-to-use and reliable anchoring points. These tracks are both 182cm long and are available for installation in 243cm and 259cm wide trailers. Once installed, they work flawlessly with the decking beams as well as other securement methods, offering greater flexibility for your cargo securement jobs.

Lift-A-Deck Accessories

We carry a few accessories to help you out with the Lift-A-Deck II System. Our Beam Release Pole is very necessary when it comes to handling the beams and maneuvering them to exactly where they need to go. Its end is designed to easily hook onto the beam's head to unlock the head from the track and position it to the right spot. It can also be used to push and lower the beams to and from ceiling level. In addition, we also offer our Beam Stop, which is a handy security measure that ensures the beams remain firmly locked into place along the track and can be used to prevent the beams from traveling past a certain point. It easily attaches to the tracks for a firm connection.

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