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Customer Reviews

Vehicle Spill Bunding

For a flexible means of managing oil spills and other liquids related to cars and trucks, we recommend you try out the handy Vehicle Spill Bunding solutions that we have available. Traveling through environmentally sensitive areas can be tricky if you don’t have some kind of bunding solution available, so these products surely come in hand. They also work to protect floor areas on a property from vehicles that are dirty, dripping, and leaking. Additionally, they are also useful for wash down applications in which contaminated liquid needs to be contained as well as protection for the environment from drive-on, drive-off fuel, dry product transfer bunds, or contaminated water.


Vehicle Bunding Product Material

These vehicle bunding products are engineered from a heavy-duty UV stabilised polymer coating fabric. They can be designed with foam or inflated side walls that are durable enough that they can be driven over, saving you a lot of time and effort as the bund does not have to be touched before a vehicle enters or leaves it. Optionally, these bunds can be engineered with steel frame walls for longer term storage requirements. They all pack up to a fraction of their assembled size for easier storage and transportation.

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