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Portable Vehicle Bunding Spill Containment - WP-BUNDVEHICLE

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Maintenance Bund

Portable Vehicle Bunding Spill Containment - WP-BUNDVEHICLE

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Vehicle Bunding Spill Containment

When it comes to managing the potential for risks of oil and other spills related to vehicles, you will want to use the Waterplex Portable Vehicle Bunding Spill Containment. This bund solution is especially useful when traveling in environmentally sensitive areas. Additionally, if the vehicles are dirty, dripping, or leaking, the vehicle bund provides adequate coverage over a floor area to keep it clean. Whether you need to provide spill and environmentally hazardous spill containment or you need to wash down dirty vehicles and need to keep the contaminated water contained, the bund comes especially in handy. In addition, the bund can be used for applications involving drive-on/drive-off fuel, contaminated liquid, or dry product transfer bunds when the environment needs to be protected from potential spills.

The vehicle bund is engineered from a durable heavy-duty polymer coating fabric that is also UV stabilised. Its foam or inflated side walls can be easily driven over, so this saves you a lot of time and effort since you don't have to touch or move the bund before a vehicles enters or leaves it. Able to be packed up to a fraction of its laid-out size, it can be easily stored or transported so you can keep it within reach whenever it is needed.

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