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Portable Spill Bunding Barrier Containment

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Portable Spill Bunding Barrier Containment

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Barrier Containment Portable Spill Bunding

Offering more flexibility as well as stability, the Waterplex Portable Spill Bunding Barrier Containment is an excellent solution when it comes to preventing and containing potential spills should they occurs during the manufacturing, storing, or transporting process. Designed to provide efficient and more than adequate coverage, the portable spill bund can be easily rolled up and then stored for when it is next needed or transported to where it is needed next.

This kind of portable solution is best suited where there is a requirement to be able to move the bund from site to site or for an emergency containment solution in case of a spill. The advantage of the portable spill solution is the flexibility of the location and deployment. Still providing you with excellent durability and stability that you can depend on, this bund is ideal for situations that require more versatility.

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