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Customer Reviews

Cargo Chain Products

Sometimes, handling the rougher cargo can take its toll on your webbing products. Materials such as concrete or brick or even wood can cause excessive wear and tear damage that can weaken the webbing's hold, especially over long distances. Instead, you need to use the durable gripping power of ANC Distribution's supply of Chain Products. These products have been engineered with an emphasis on advanced durability, giving them the strength to hold onto the rougher loads without risking abrasive damage. In order to efficiently tighten these chains, you'll need a length of durable Grade 70 chain or a complete chain kit along with any of our Chain Loadbinders. The Chain Binders are available in two distinct styles: Ratchet Chain Binders and Lever Chain Binders. Both have their pros, and both have their cons. It all depends upon how you want to get the job done: slow and safe or quick and labored.


Looking for a more reliable way to secure the rougher loads without risking your webbing or cable assemblies? Then ANC Distribution has exactly what you want with our high-quality, high standard Chains. These chains have the right amount of toughness that can easily handle the tougher tiedown jobs. When you're securing lumber or bricks or concrete, our Chain doesn't back down from the challenge. We supply chains made only from high-quality steel that provide you with maximum strength and maximum durability. Our Grade 70 Transport Chain is available in 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, and 13.0mm, each offering superior lashing capacity for a stronger and more capable hold over your heavy-duty cargo.

Chain Kits

If you’re looking to get the heavy-duty tie-down job done as soon as possible, then we recommend you get your hands on one of these durable and reliable Chain Kits. This offer includes a length of heavy-duty Grade 70 chain that is equipped with a pair of high-quality and industrial strength Winged Grab Hooks that are attached to both ends of the chain. Ready to use as soon as you get them, they save you a lot of time if you don’t want to customise your own chain tie-down assembly. We also offer the chain and the hooks separately if that’s what you’re looking to do.

Chain Kits
Chain Loadbinders

If you're dealing with a tougher job, then you need our tougher solution. Our Chain Binders are available for those who need to secure their extra rough cargo with the help of our heavy-duty durable chains. ANC Distribution carries both Ratchet Chain Binders and Lever Chain Binders, which have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are able to get the job done efficiently as they easily tighten down the chains that are wrapped around your valuable cargo and lock them in place, making sure that your loads aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Learn more about them below to find out which one is more suitable for you.

Chain Loadbinders

Chains, Kits, and Chain Binders

These Grade 70 chains or the Chain Kits that come with winged grab hooks attached to both ends of the chain work flawlessly with the Chain Loadbinders in order to achieve optimal holding strength over your entire load. They can handle the heavy-duty tie-down jobs with ease and efficiency, including the securement of bricks, concrete, stones, lumber, and more types of abrasive materials. Built to last longer, these are the kind of chain products that can get the job done right.

Heavy-Duty G70 Chains

Durable chain is what you use to take on the tougher jobs that other webbing-based tie-downs don't have the necessary durability to handle. Our Grade 70 chains are available in a number of different lengths and lashing capacities, offering you more versatility for your choice. We also offer our Chain Kits, which come in various configurations and all come complete with grab hooks on either end. These grab hooks are designed to provide a secure and solid grip on the anchor point, offering a reliable connection that supports the rest of the chain assembly.

G70 Chain Kits

We carry a wide range of durable and solid Chain Kits. These products come complete with a length of heavy-duty Grade 70 chain along with a pair of incredibly durable Winged Grab Hooks, offering you a complete and reliable chain tie-down assembly that lets you easily secure your heavier and tougher loads almost immediately. These winged grab hooks are engineered from forged and tempered steel in order to allow for maximum lashing capacity. They have been built to withstand multiple challenges while retaining a firm grip on your vehicle's anchor points. The chain kits arrive in reusable plastic buckets so that you have a handy storage container for when you're done with them.

Chain Cargo Loadbinders

In order to reliably secure your load with chains, you need an effective and efficient Chain Loadbinder to keep those chains firmly tightened and in place along the cargo throughout transit. Which method of securement would you prefer to use: the slow and efficient Ratchet Chain Binder or the quick and effective Lever Chain Binder? Both of these Chain Loadbinder types come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While the Ratchet Chain Binder is slow, it causes less strain on the shoulder muscles and reduces the risk of kickback. While the Lever Chain Binder stores more kinetic energy and risks aggressive kickback, it tightens down the load in one quick push, saving a lot of time in the long run. Whichever option you choose to go with, just know that both types are designed to grip the chains in a firm and reliable grasp that keeps them tightly tensioned over the cargo.

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