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Customer Reviews

Chain Loadbinders

If you're dealing with a tougher job, then you need our tougher solution. Our Chain Binders are available for those who need to secure their extra rough cargo with the help of our heavy-duty durable chains. ANC Distribution carries both Ratchet Chain Binders and Lever Chain Binders, which have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are able to get the job done efficiently as they easily tighten down the chains that are wrapped around your valuable cargo and lock them in place, making sure that your loads aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Learn more about them below to find out which one is more suitable for you.


Ratchet and Lever Chain Binders

Securing your rough and highly abrasive load using heavy-duty chains requires the helpful strength of these Chain Binders. These binders are used to tighten down those chains so that they keep your cargo secured on the back of your flatbed trailer. We offer two types of Chain Binders: Ratchet Binders and Lever Binders. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it's up to you to decide exactly which kind you prefer to work with.

Ratchet Binders

Ratchet Chain Binders are typically viewed as the safer of the two options. This is generally because this binder does not store as much energy within its handle after it's been tightened, limiting the amount of kickback it could have when loosened. It only takes a steady hand and some patience to effectively secure your cargo using this loadbinder. With this binder, you have full control throughout the tensioning process, allowing you to tighten the chain gradually and incrementally. Once you're done ratcheting this binder, you'll be able to transport your cargo confidently knowing that it isn't going anywhere since this binder is able to efficiently lock that load right into place. It's not the quickest securement method in the industry, but it is the easiest on the back and shoulders.

Lever Binders

Compared to Ratchet Binders, Lever Chain Binders are simpler and easier. They are designed to tighten down the load with one smooth and strong push of the handle. This cuts down on loading time quite a lot. Additionally, they involve fewer moving parts, so there's less time spent cleaning and maintaining the tensioning device. However, there is more of a kickback risk since there's more energy stored in the handle after it's been tightened, and there is a bit more strain on the back and shoulder muscles from the effort it takes to lock the lever in place. Still, this is the Chain Binder that gets the job done as quick as possible since the simpler design makes it easy to fix into place and use.

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