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Customer Reviews

Reefer Parts

If you're looking for Reefer Parts to meet your container's requirements, we have you covered. We offer steel top side rails, aluminum flooring for the top and bottom sections, and VC door moulding covings. In addition, we carry various accessories such as our durable kazoos, available as large and small, drain plugs, and pouring foam products.

  • Secure A Load

    Secure A Load 2.7m Inner Door Frame - RFDM03

    *GST Inclusive
    $181.50 *GST Inclusive

    2.7m Inner Door Frame A necessary component for the construction of your reefer shipping container is the durable 2.7m Inner Door Frame. This component provides a solid and plastic frame for your reefer's door, offering a comfortable and stabilising...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure A Load PVC Door Moulding - RFDM012

    *GST Inclusive
    $159.50 *GST Inclusive

    PVC Door Moulding Effectively seal up any gaps in your reefer door using the reliable PVC Door Moulding. This plastic moulding is designed to provide a weathertight seal along the frame of the door in order to protect the inside of the reefer from...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure A Load Inner Door Frame - RFDM01

    *GST Inclusive
    $107.80 *GST Inclusive

    Inner Door Frame The durable Inner Door Frame is an essential component to constructing your reefer shipping container. It provides a solid and thick frame made of durable plastic. It is very simple to install and is necessary to completing the ideal...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure A Load Primed Top Rail - TOPRAIL60

    *GST Inclusive
    $145.20 *GST Inclusive

    Primed Top Rail The durable Primed Top Rail is manufactured with the strength to put on a reliable and stabilising cap on the entire length of the shipping container. It is engineered from a steel square tube that is 5702mm long, 3mm thick with 60mm by...

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