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Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks

Bladder Tanks from Waterplex are the ideal water storage solution when you're looking to save on space, hide the water storage tank, and optimise the quality of your harvested and stored water. These tanks are designed to fit under your house or deck, taking up limited space while using its allotted space to its full advantage. We have two different types of bladder tanks, each one designed to provide you with a solid and reliable way to store and preserve your water.

Eco Sac Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks

As the preferred water bladder solution for architects, designers, and hydraulic engineers, the Eco Sac Bladder Tank from Waterplex knows how to live up to its reputation as the ideal water storage solution for your property. This tank is able to hold more water per square metre than nearly any other type of bladder tank. It takes all of that space and uses it to its fullest advantage. Designed with a steel frame that makes sure that tank nor its pipes are moving, this tank stays in place when expanding or deflating with its pipes and fittings locked in place by a steel mounting plate, which also takes the stress off of the pipes. Available in 66 different sizes, the Eco Sac is able to hold between 1,700 litres to 10,700 litres of liquids and can fill to a max height of 600mm.

Eco Sac Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks
Reo Sac Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks

For the leading reinforced bladder tank that you can install under your house or under your deck, you’ll want to try the Waterplex Reo Sac. This storage solution features a high-quality steel mounting plate and frame with class leading strength that effectively supports all of the tank’s pipes, making sure that they aren’t put under stress. Along with the market leading 100mm inlet that ensures maximum delivery of rainwater to the tank without it backing up the downpipes, the Reo Sac is also available in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right size for your home. Able to hold between 1,150 litres to 8,800 litres of liquids, the Reo Sac is available in 66 different sizes. The 1.1m and 1.3m widths fill to 500mm while all other widths fill to 600mm.


Reo Sac Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks

Eco Sac and Reo Sac

Choose from the Eco Sac framed water bladder tank or the Reo Sac domestic reinforced water bladder tank. With a frame, the Eco Sac can store about 20% more water per square metre while the size always remains the same, ensuring that the tank stays in its place and not touching the building’s structure. Without a frame, the Reo Sac’s reinforced material doesn't stretch and the footprint of the tank changes as it expands and contracts, but there is the added risk that the tank might move in heavy rainfall or if the ground isn't level. To put it simply, the Eco Sac is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a strong and immobilised framed bladder tank while the Reo Sac is the reliably reinforced version for an innovative way to store rainwater.

Available in a range of sizes with different liquid carrying capacities, these bladder tanks come in handy for both commercial and industrial purposes. Both are engineered to protect and maintain your water's quality, and both have their own advantages and configurations. Waterplex bladder tanks can also be customised to fit exactly the requirements you're looking for in your ideal liquid bladder tank.

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