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Instead of just telling you about the excellent products we have available, we’ll just show you exactly how they’ll improve your job. Watch how the Waterplex Flexitanks quickly and efficiently inflate for easier liquid storage or watch how the REMS pipe cutters easily and effectively slice through the pipes. You’ll see the strength and innovation of these products right before your eyes, demonstrating their ability to get the job done right.



The Liqua E-Flex is a self supporting reinforced Flexitank with no bulkhead designed for transportation of liquids in 20ft containers. The E-Flex Flexitank does not exert any pressure on the sides of the tank shipping containers thereby removing the risk of damaging containers or causing them to fail due to the force of the liquid on the side of the container.


The Liqua H-Flex Heater Flexitank, designed for transportation of liquids in 20ft containers that need heating for discharge. Direct and efficient heat transmission to the core of the cargo. Using advanced technology, steam heating at the final destination up to 7 times faster compared to conventional flexitanks. The first and only flexitank in the industry with an internal integrated heating system.



The Liqua I-Flex is designed for temporary or medium term static storage of liquids. This cost effective liquid tank is good for outdoor storage and can be tailor-made up to 75,000 litres. It allows for Multiple usage.


The Liqua R-FLEX is designed for transportation of liquids in 20ft reefer containers. This advanced technology replaces the bulkheads with harnessing. This prevents container damages with no sidewall pressure. Easy fitting in 3 minutes only.

K-FLEX 270 L

The Liqua K-Flex 270 litre functions as a collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container that allows you to carry a wide variety of different types of liquids, including food pastes, viscous liquids, liquid chemicals, and more. It offers a more convenient way to transport your cargo as it significantly increases shipping capacity.

K-FLEX 1000 L

The Liqua K-Flex 1000 litre flexible intermediate bulk container takes the standard idea of steel framed rigid plastic IBCs and removes that rigid tank and steel frame while still retaining the structural integrity needed to transport up to 1,000 litres of liquid. Easy to set up and easy to take down, it reduced space requirements when not in use.


K-FLEX 1100 L

The Liqua K-Flex 1100 litre collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container is the ideal solution to saving space when transporting liquids. Since you can easily stack multiple K-Flex flexible IBCs onto each other, it allows you to fully utilise all the available space on the inside of your shipping container or your trailer.

K-FLEX 2000 L

The Liqua K-Flex 2000 litre flexible and collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container takes the standard rigid tank and steel frame of plastic IBCs and replaces it with a more flexible and structurally sound transport solution that allows you to ship beverages, liquid chemicals, food pastes, viscous liquids, and conserved foods.



The Liqua T-FLEX is designed for the transportation of liquids on standard truck-trailers. As first and only flexitank available for trucks, it has advanced technology with wave breakers converting a truck-trailer to a road tanker. Also applicable for reefer trucks, 40ft ISO or reefer containers, North American 53ft vans. Cost advantage over road tankers.


The REMS Ax-Press 25 a universal, super light, super handy, and super fast press tool that is the ideal solution for compressing sleeve joints and tube expansion up to 40mm in brass, pex, rehau, and more. It features automatic return and optimal weight distribution for easier single-hand operation.



REMS Bending products have both the strength and the power to fully and effectively contour pipes of various sizes and materials into the ideal bend for the job. The REMS Swing, REMS Sinus, REMS Curvo, and REMS Curvo 50 are all capable of producing perfect bends in mere seconds.


The REMS Camscope is able to slide directly into the narrowest and darkest pipes and drains to give you a full and clear picture of exactly what’s going on down there. As a flexible, mobile, and handy endoscope camera, it provides you with brilliant pictures and videos of cavities, shafts, and pipes. Documentation is saved on a MicroSD card.



The REMS DueCento is a compact, mobile pipe cutting machine that is able to easily produce fast, right angled cuts on pipes without outside burr. It can cleanly slice through plastic, metal, and composite tubes up to 225mm in diameter. Easy to handle and transport, the stable, torsion-free cast construction enables fast, right angled cutting.


The Spartan Tool Hydro Jetters are capable of transmitting massive flows at high pressures. Over time various natural events can reduce the jetter's flow or pressure characteristics. This video steps you through the sequence of checks you should do when understanding your jetter's flow and pressure capabilities.


REMS offers a long range of high-quality radial press jointing tools. The REMS Mini-Press ACC, Power-Press E, Power-Press, Power-Press ACC, Akku-Press, and Akku-Press ACC are universal, super handy electric tools that can produce pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. The REMS Eco-Press is a universal, manual radial press for producing joints on pipes up to 26mm in diameter. It offers secure crimping in seconds.


The REMS Tornado, REMS Magnum 2”, and REMS Magnum 4” are robust, compact, high-performance machines used for threading, cutting, deburring, nipple threading, and roll grooving on pipefitting systems. They are ideal for installation and metalworking applications anywhere at the job site or in the workshop.



The REMS eva is a proven quality die stock that has excellent threading capabilities for 16mm to 50mm pipe threads. The REMS Mini-Amigo, Amigo, Amigo 2, and Amigo 2 Compact are powerful electric tools for threading with unique support brackets. Along with a variety of indestructible high-quality dies with precise cutting geometry and REMS Spezial thread-cutting oil, you’ll be well prepared for the threading job.


The REMS Sawing Puma VE is a powerful universal free-hand saw with anti-vibration that is able to cleanly cut through a wide range of tough materials, such as stainless steel, wood, metal, brick, cast iron, and much more. It’s the ideal tool to have for assembly, disassembly, and repair applications.



The REMS Circular Sawing Turbo K and Turbo Cu-Inox are compact, portable circular pipe sawing machines that can be used for accurate and clean, burr-reduced, right angle, rapid sawing on stainless steel pipes and copper tubes of pressfitting systems. They’re easy to transport and are ideal for installation and metalworking applications.


The REMS Nano is a mobile, electric tube cutting machine that is powerful enough to create fast, right angled cutting without outer burr. It cleanly and effortlessly slices through tough pipes and tubes and is handy and lightweight with a strong, torsion-free aluminum structure for easier right angled cutting.



The Ancra Lift-A-Deck II is an innovative patented solution for double decking loads in trailers and truck bodies. It is used to create a solid, adjustable second deck, allowing you to carry double the amount of palletised freight. When no longer needed, the beams can be pushed to ceiling level for convenient and safe storage.


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