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Customer Reviews

Spills & Barriers

There is always the risk of product spills in this kind of industry in which manufacturing, transporting, and storing liquids is so prevalent. There’s also the cost of any clean up and the resulting damage to the local and general environment to deal with. These products are manufactured to help in managing and mitigating that risk and the resulting cleaning process if the worst does happen. In addition to bunding products, we also offer incredibly durable and flexible Curtains to help prevent dust and dirt from getting into your workspace.

Spill Bunding

These Spill Bunding products are engineered to help you proactively manage and mitigate liquid spilling risk before, during, or after transport and handling. ANC Distribution has a range of different products that lessen the risk of the products spilling out. Spills can cause potential damage to the general or local environment, and just the cleanup process alone can take up essential time and costs. Since environmental protection regulations are increasingly requiring the use of bunding for spill containment, these products will surely to come in hand.

Spill Bunding
Vehicle Spill Bunding

For a flexible means of managing oil spills and other liquids related to cars and trucks, we recommend you try out the handy Vehicle Spill Bunding solutions that we have available. Traveling through environmentally sensitive areas can be tricky if you don’t have some kind of bunding solution available, so these products surely come in hand. They also work to protect floor areas on a property from vehicles that are dirty, dripping, and leaking. Additionally, they are also useful for wash down applications in which contaminated liquid needs to be contained as well as protection for the environment from drive-on, drive-off fuel, dry product transfer bunds, or contaminated water.

Vehicle Spill Bunding
Pallet Spill Bunding

For mitigating and managing potentially leaking packages and to prevent spills from getting everywhere, you need these superior Pallet Bunding solutions. They have an easily adjustable bund footprint and barrier height, meaning that they can be configured to meet your very specific capacity requirements. The walls are made of foam, so they can be quickly folded or rolled for easier access, assembly, and storage. They can also be manufactured with durable steel frames for greater capacity if you need that. With the steel frame, there’s an increase in storage and holding capacities compared to foam walled bunds.

Pallet Spill Bunding
Partition Curtains

Partition curtains function as flexible solutions for dividing and separating workplace environments and activities. By installing these durable and heavy-duty curtains, you'll be able to create more flexible workspace sizes and shapes to your choosing. They also can help contain dust and debris to keep other areas clean and make moving large items and equipment in and out of work areas a lot easier since you don’t have to worry about constantly opening and closing heavy doors.

Partition Curtains
  • Waterplex

    Industrial All Weather Curtain - WP-CURTAINS

    All Weather Industrial Curtains Industrial curtains add a level of flexibility to buildings by allowing open and free access to and from (and within) buildings. They can be closed to provide protection from the elements as and when required. They are...

  • Waterplex

    Foam Wall Pallet Spill Bunding Barrier - WP-BUNDFOAM

    Foam Spill Bunding Wall Pallet Barrier When it comes to storing or transporting liquids in drums, you will want to take the necessary precautions in case of spillage. That's where Waterplex comes in with our reliable Foam Wall Pallet Spill Bunding...

  • Waterplex

    Fuel Containment and Spill Bunding - WP-BUNDFUEL

    Spill Bunding Fuel Containment One of the biggest issues when it comes to manufacturing, storing, transporting, or transferring hazardous and non-hazardous liquids is the potential risk of spilling the products. This can result in extensive costs in...

  • Waterplex

    300mm Foam Wall Portable Spill Bunding - WP-BUND300FOAM

    Portable Foam Wall Spill Bunding Should a hazardous or even non-hazardous liquid spill from its container, it could have long-lasting damaging effects on the local and general environment. That's when the Waterplex 300mm Foam Wall Portable Spill Bunding...

The Importance of Containment

Preventing spills from becoming bigger problems is key to protecting your workplace and the surrounding environments. When dealing with liquid products, spills are very common. By having the proper spill bunding products in place, you can prevent these spills from getting everywhere and affecting the local and general environment, minimising costs and time spent cleaning up. Additionally, separating your workspace using durable curtains is another way of containing dust, dirt, and debris, preventing them from getting into your workspace.

spill containment

Spill Bunding Products

These Bunding products act as preventative spill containment solutions as they immediately capture any spill that may occur as part of a manufacturing or liquid handling process. The Spill Bunding, Vehicle Spill Bunding, and Pallet Spill Bunding products are deployed before the process begins and the risk could take place, so if a spill does occur, it is contained. This allows you to easily manage the liquids without risk of damage or loss outside the containment environment. The spillage may even be a known component or rate (for example, leaking equipment or dripping occurring from the decanting from larger storage vessels).

Barrier Curtains

Dividing up your workspace is much easier with the help of our available indestructible Curtains. Easy to set up, they allow you to erect a barrier between areas around your workspace, allowing you to easily divide up sections for better management or to establish more individual working areas for your workers. The curtains also help prevent spills, debris, and other elements from constantly coating your entire work area in a thick layer of dust. The curtains keep all those unmentionables out, blocking them from entering into your workspace in order to help you keep it cleaner and more organised.

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