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Blue Mountain RHLB21 100mm Leaf Beater - WP-ESC0703

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Blue Mountain RHLB21 100mm Leaf Beater

Blue Mountain RHLB21 100mm Leaf Beater - WP-ESC0703

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Blue Mountain RHLB21 Leaf Beater

Instead of letting your rainwater get contaminated by foreign objects, put up the Blue Mountain RHLB21 100mm Leaf Beater as a reliable and effective shield to keep all the nasty stuff out of your water tank. The Leaf Beater is a compact rain head with an elliptical primary screen that has four settings and can be adjusted to achieve the best operating setting depending on the intensity of rainfall and the amount of debris. It works to prevent leaves and small pieces of debris from flowing into the water as well as insects and small vermin, which improved the quality of the rainwater by reducing contamination, discolouration, and sediment.

Designed as a mid-size rain head that can easily squeeze into the tighter spaces, this Leaf Beater incorporates a VH Pivot outlet that swivels to suit vertical or horizontal downpipes, offering a wider variety of installation options. The Leaf Beater also features an integrated flow directional gutter outlet, which directs the water flow onto the adjustable primary screen of 6mm aperture. This screen is virtually vertical, so the water washes the screen and minimises maintenance. A secondary stainless steel screen of 0.955mm aperture further filters the water and prevents mosquitoes and vermin from entering the pipe system to the water tank. The main body of the Leaf Beater is made from lead-free PVC, which can be painted to complement your home or building.

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