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Blue Mountain RHUL01 90mm Leaf Eater Ultra - WP-ESC0642

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Blue Mountain RHUL01 90mm Leaf Eater Ultra

Blue Mountain RHUL01 90mm Leaf Eater Ultra - WP-ESC0642

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Blue Mountain RHUL01 Leaf Eater Ultra

The Blue Mountain RHUL01 90mm Leaf Eater Ultra is the result of years of researching, developing, and refining a clean and reliable method of preventing dirt and debris from flowing directly into your rainwater storage tank. It's the perfect solution to preserving the quality of your rainwater and keeping it from getting contaminated. This feature-packed rain head features a patented VH Pivot for installation on horizontal and vertical downpipes, a sleek anti-splash cover, and a patented Hydro Activated Filtration screen system for maximum leaf shedding.

The Leaf Eater Ultra is equipped with leaf shedding technology to maximise the volume of water you collect while still handling high flow rates. The patented Hydro Active Filtration screen vibrates for maximum leaf shedding, while larger leaves and debris are deflected before they even reach it by the Leaf Slide fingers. The stainless steel 955 micron mosquito-proof screen significantly reduces potential sources of contamination so you get better quality rainwater.

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