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Water Tank Fittings & Outlets

We carry a collection of various size fittings or outlets that can be installed during the manufacturing process of your water tank. As they are not sold separately or individually, they are more of an indication of the types of fittings that can be included with the rainwater tanks that we have to offer. The normal process is that these items are ordered before the tank is manufactured or they have been specified by a hydraulic engineer.

  • Waterplex

    75mm Boss Outlet - WP-WTB75 OUT

    Boss Outlet 75mm Your water tank won't be able to get much done unless you have the 75mm Boss Outlet installed. As small as it is, this component is essential to the overall performance of the tank. An all-purpose hose coupling, this outlet is designed...

  • Waterplex

    100mm Poly Bolted Tank Boss - WP-WP 100 PB

    Poly Bolted Tank Boss The Waterplex 100mm Poly Bolted Tank Boss is an engineered 100mm 6 bolt PVC outlet component that plays a very important role for your steel tanks. This piece is designed to be used to interconnect tanks low down, providing a solid...

  • Waterplex

    50mm Ball Valve - WP-AOT050

    Ball Valve 50mm The purpose of the 50mm Ball Valve is to provide you with some control over the flow of the water. The valve features a ball that is embedded into the pipe that is designed to stifle or open the water's flow. The ball is connected to the...

  • Waterplex

    25mm Ball Valve - WP-AOT025

    Ball Valve 25mm With the help of the 25mm Ball Valve installed onto your rainwater harvesting tank, you will be able to easily control the flow of the water to help prevent overflowing. This valve features a small ball that is embedded into the pipe that...

  • Waterplex

    150mm Corrugated Tank Overflow - WP-ACO150

    Corrugated Tank Overflow 150mm With the essential help of the 150mm Corrugated Tank Overflow component, you will be able to efficiently prevent precious harvested rainwater from overflowing out of the tank, which is an unnecessary waste. Designed to last...

  • Waterplex

    100mm Corrugated Tank Overflow - WP-ACO100

    Corrugated Tank Overflow 100mm To have an overflowing water tank means that you are wasting a lot of precious and useful water. To help prevent this from happening, we offer the 100mm Corrugated Tank Overflow component. This essential piece is designed...

  • Waterplex

    90mm Corrugated Tank Overflow - WP-ACO090

    Corrugated Tank Overflow 90mm Installing the durable 90mm Corrugated Tank Overflow component onto your harvested rainwater tank can help prevent the problem of overflowing. If your tank starts to overflow, you start losing precious water. To help prevent...

  • Waterplex

    50mm Tank Outlet - WP-ACO050

    Tank Outlet 50mm Every nut and screw serve a purpose in the installation of a water tank, and the 50mm Tank Outlet is no exception. This reliable component provides you with a simple and easy way to establish a connection between your water tank's pipes...

  • Waterplex

    25mm Male Threaded Tank Outlet - WP-ACO025

    Male Threaded Tank Outlet 25mm No screw or fitting is unnecessary when it comes to outfitting your water tank, including the 25mm Tank Outlet. This essential component is a reliable and durable way to effectively connect a hose to the rest of your water...

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