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Hyjet HHR-400 Jet Pump w/Hydraulic Rain/Mains - WP-ESP7011

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Hyjet HHR-400 Rain / Mains Pump System

Hyjet HHR-400 Jet Pump w/Hydraulic Rain/Mains - WP-ESP7011

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The Hyjet HHR-400 is a comlete Rain / Mains changeover package.  Designed to connect to both your tank and the mains water supply, the system will preference your collected water over mains supply when there is stored water available.  When your tank is empty (or the power is out) the HHR-400 will automatically switch to mains supply, ensuring that your home has an uninterrupted supply of water.

Perfect for single storey homes and supply to up to 3 taps or devices, the HHR-400 helps you save the environment and minimise your mains water use.

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