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H-FLEX - 20' Flexitank Heating System

The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the patented first and only flexitank total heating system available in the industry. The H-Flex is a chamber that is designed to preserve and circulate steam all around the flexitank, from the bottom to the top and right into the center. This is meant to help preserve the quality of the liquid that is stored inside. The steam not only simply heats the cargo, but it also insulates the load from the metal side walls of the container, which is the main cause for energy loss. This feature increases the heating performance and shortens the heating operation.

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    LiquA H-Flex Flexitank Heating System - WP-FLEXI-HEAT

    LiquA Flexitank H-Flex Heating System The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the innovative idea of introducing a total heating system into a flexitank using a chamber that preserves and circulates steam all around the flexitank. The H-Flex works by applying up...

How It Works

In order to operate properly, up to 4 bars, 130° C steam is applied into the H-Flex. The steam distributor circulates the steam all around the flexitank’s surface and heats the cargo with a high transmission rate. Eventually, the steam condenses into cold water by transmitting its whole heat/energy to the rest of the cargo. The 130° C steam condenses to 20° C water. To increase efficiency, the cold water is discharged during the heating process.

With a 27,000 litre capacity, the H-Flex allows you to transport up to 3,000 litres more per container, creating a savings of 12% on the overall freight cost. The H-Flex does not bulge the sides of the container, and no bulkhead is required. The patented heat transmission method provides faster melting with faster discharge that lowers demurrage costs.

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