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Customer Reviews

Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Ratchet Tie Down

In order to fully and successfully secure and stabilize your cargo on the back of your flatbed trailer, you'll need our high-quality Ratchet Tie-Down Straps to help you out. We offer extremely durable and easy-to-use Ratchet Tie-Down Straps that make securing your loads quick and efficient. In addition, we carry Tow Safety Straps and Bottom Assemblies for the other types of jobs that need to get done right.


Ratchet Strap Load Binders

Our Ratchet Loadbinders are a combination of webbing that is constructed from advanced performance nylon and polyester and hardware that is engineered to meet the most demanding requirements. The tiedowns are more than capable of handling the road at its worst. These tiedowns are some of the strongest and most reliable tensioning methods that you can ask for in this industry.

If security is what you're looking for, then that's exactly what you get with any of our selection of Ratchet Loadbinders. We supply you with only the top of the line high-quality tie-downs that you can trust your load with. These Ratchet Loadbinders feature an unchallenging combination of durable hardware and industrial strength webbing that can handle nearly any kind of cargo securement job that needs to get done quickly and efficiently.

These straps are available in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. Each strap is equipped with a pair of durable end fittings that are designed to establish a solid attachment between the strap and the flatbed's anchor points. Some of our straps feature a hook and keeper combination that lends you an extra layer of security. Once the cargo is secured under the strap, the tie-down can be hooked back onto itself for additional security.

The key strength of our Ratchet Loadbinders lies in the strength of our Ratchet Buckles. These tensioning devices are specifically designed to make the job a lot easier and lot quicker. They smoothly tighten down the webbing for a firm and viselike grip over the entire load. Our handles come in a few different sizes for a more comfortable grip and better leverage.

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