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Customer Reviews

Commercial Bladder Water Tank with Frame

A leading food products manufacturer in NSW required an innovative water tank storage solution of 40,000 litres to supplement the existing 80,000 litre emergency water storage supply on the roof of their multi-storey factory. In case of an electrical power cut, the 40,000 litres of water is delivered immediately from the water tank to machines four floors below the water tank in order to cool the machines before they are damaged. But most importantly it needed to match the foot print and height of the existing water tanks.


The water tank solution needed to provide the specified capacity storage and specialised fittings but also had to be able to be easily delivered to the roof of the four storey premises.


The Consulting Engineers on the project consulted with the team at Waterplex who suggested, developed and delivered a shaped enclosed water bladder tank within a steel frame to fit within a confined space that met all the requirements of the customer. The steel frame was lifted onto the roof in its component parts and installed in-situ. The shaped customised water bladder tank was then easily installed in the frame. All of the bladder fittings were factory installed and the bladder tank was factory tested prior to delivery.

Commercial Framed Bladder Tank Insatallation

Rectangular Water Tank with Water Bladder

A Waterplex expert assisted in the installation process to ensure that the bladder tank was installed to give optimum performance and interconnection with the existing 80,000 litres of water storage. The entire installation was completed in less than two days and was a very effective solution for what started out as a very challenging issue.

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